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Weekly Market Notes for February 24, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

I got a note this week asking who all is around these days. Time for a list for those of you who are just coming out of a long winter's rest! Here's the current crew and what they're bringing:

  • Ted Thorpe: storage crops and some extra veggies, Ontario apples and cider
  • Greenfields: lots of homegrown roots
  • Ben Sosnicki: fresh and frozen vegetables, perogies and more
  • Kind Organics: sprouts and microgreens
  • Alli Harris: rotis, sandwiches and drinks
  • Alli's Bakery: breads, snacks and sweets
  • Forbes Wild Foods: maple syrup, dried mushrooms and assorted preserves
  • Growing Spaces: jams, pickles and chutneys
  • Country Meadows: eggs, olives and oil, cheeses
  • Bees Universe: all things honey
  • The Park Bakers: wood-fired oven breads, soups and snacks
  • Urban Harvest: seeds, body care and CIPM flour (best to request that ahead)
  • Beretta Farms: beef, pork and chicken
  • Best Baa: yogurt, cheeses and lamb
  • Chocosol: chocolate and coffee
  • DeFloured: gluten free galettes and sweets
  • Ying Ying Soy Foods: assorted tofu and miso
  • plus occasional visits from Fun Guy Farms with mushrooms

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone. It's a pretty fine selection for the deep depths of winter!
Here's some news from some of the vendors:

Just a quick note that there will still be plenty of root crops from Greenfields this and next week: Carrots, red Beets, chioga beets, heirloom Lutz beets, Parsnips, Rutabagas, Celeriac, Watermelon and Black Radishes, Sunchokes and the last of the Daikon.

From the Sosnickis: "We are busy and happy to have the support we do from our customers and this season is shaping up to be a good one!"

Beretta Special for Thursday, Feb 24: Fast Fry Rib Eye or New York Cutlets $8.00 each

From Mathieu McFadden of Chocosol: Just a reminder of our Chocolatada this Friday @ the CacaoLoft. We are celebrating and sharing our recent trip to Mexico and enjoying food and drink with friends and community. All welcome! Donation basis! Starts at 7pm, 6 St.Joseph Street, top floor RSVP:

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Here's what one of our market friends is up to this weekend: Ken Whiteley's Sunday Afternoon Gospel Concert with featured vocalists Alana Bridgewater (We Will Rock You), folk sweetheart Basia Bulat & David Wall (The Flying Bulgars, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir) plus bassist Ben Whiteley (New Country Rehab) Sunday, Feb 27 @ 2 p.m. @ Hugh's Room

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