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Weekly Market Notes for February 17, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

One of the really nice things about our market is that almost all of the time, everybody gets along. I feel extra appreciation for our vendors' generosity towards each other in the winter, when there's not a lot of space to go 'round. We really treasure our steadfast winter customers, too, who recognize that very good things can fit into rinkhouse-sized packages and keep on coming!

A friendly note from Jessie Sosnicki:

"I'd like to plug for a fellow vendor today. Ben and I are really enjoying Kind Organics sprouts!! It's so nice to crunch on some local green while working in our own greenhouses. The shoots and sprouts are incorporated into most of our meals this time of year! Thanks Kind, they're really good!!" Jess & Ben

We'll have a Special Visit this week from Bruno of Fun Guy Farms, with freshly picked mushrooms.

Chris and Krista of DeFloured are going for the record, non-stop outdoor vending straight through til spring. Check out those galettes; loyal fans admit they don't always tell their guests that a quick trip to the market is easier than a long session in the kitchen!

Reminder: Greenfields will be absent this time, but back next week. Ted will have extra veggies in the garage.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. The Canadian Organic Growers one-day Toronto conference, "Your Food, Your Choice: The Promise of Organic" is on this Sunday. More info. at

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