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Weekly Market Notes for February 10, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Greenfields will be absent this week and next, but Ted and Ben will bring some extra veggies along, and we'll have an otherwise full house. You'll see from the vendors' correspondence that Valentine's thoughts are in the air:

Sosnickis' news: "We did a big push at the hall making Perogies to have plenty for when we get busy in the greenhouses! **NEW this week will be potato, cheddar and cottage cheese filling; potato, cheddar and buttery onion filling & well, some 'heart shaped' ones 'dyed purple' with beet juice just for fun for Valentine's day!! What a riot the women and I had creating these ones!! All our regular foods and storage crops will also come with Ben as usual. I'm keeping busy by the wood stove seeding our early heirloom tomatoes. I cannot express how happy I feel smelling fresh soil and seeding these awesome tomatoes. Just when I think I've got my varieties sorted out as to which are best for us to grow, I discover new varieties to try!!" Jessie & Ben

From Sandy, the Beretta Specials this week:

  • Pork Tenderloin (ask me for recipes)
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Prosciutto
  • Fast Fry Rib Eye & New York Steaks @ $10.00 each
  • Turkey Tenders @ $7.50 per package

"Chocosol would like to invite you to our celebration of love and friendship this Sunday and Monday(13th and 14th) We are preparing two dinner sittings which are RSVP. The menu will be made and grown by our friends at Kawartha Ecological Growers and will highlight some amazing gourmet local goodies. Also if you're craving our authentic corn tortillas, Gaby will be rocking the menu alongside Shannon with some fresh ideas from Mexico. Please email for details, pricing and reservations.
Also coming up this month is our "journey through the jungle" chocolatada! Ivan, Gabriella and I will speak on our recent trip to Mexico and share stories as well as photography slides of our adventures with our Mexican friends and community. We hope to share and serve some amazing foods and preparation techniques that we picked up while down there. This celebration will be on the 25th of February and is also RSVP as we have limited space at the Cacao Loft. Please send your questions and RSVP to
All the best and it's great to be back with my family and community here in Toronto!" Mathieu

From Blythe of Growing Spaces: "This week we put a twist to one of our most favorite traditional recipes. With Valentines quickly approaching, we decided to combine Spy apples with our favorite seasonal candies with the end result being the most delicious light dessert any ‘sweetheart’ could ask for. That’s right ….‘Cinnamon Heart’ Apple Sauce! Blythe will be sampling this new dessert on Thursday, so come and try! As well, for those who have been enjoying the apple butter, it looks like we'll only have it for one or maybe two more weeks, so don't forget to pick up a container before the season is finished."

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. to gardeners: don't forget Seedy Sunday this weekend at Hart House (12:30-6).

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