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Weekly Market Notes for February 03, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Happy (cloudy) Groundhog Day if you're dreaming of spring, Happy Snow Day if you got to enjoy a break from the usual routine, and Happy Chinese New Year!
We'll be shovelled out and welcoming a couple of vendors back who were absent in January: Urban Harvest (Colette) with seeds, body care, and CIPM flours, and Alli's Bakery, with lots of breads and treats both sweet and savoury. To fit everybody in, a couple of the vendors who have been in the rinkhouse will join the crew in the zamboni garage. Here's some news from others:

Sosnickis' contribution: "Today is not a 'snow day' on the farm. We'll be pushing a bit of snow and working in the barn grading out produce. So thank you in advance for coming out to support us at Dufferin Grove market!! Our horse just sauntered past the house like no big deal as if to say "what storm?" Good for you Lady Bug! I think she recognizes she lives in Canada. Ben will have all the usual items. Along with seeding early crops we are hitting the kitchen next week to create perogies with potato, old cheddar, sweet onions & cottage cheese!! Organic Meadow is finally making a good cottage cheese to pull our recipe even closer to the old family original!" Jessie & Ben

Sandra Dombi writes: Kind Organics is having a sale on Wheatgrass this week. All bags are $1 less than regular price. We have 175g, 250g or 500g sizes. Wheatgrass needs to be juiced or blended into a smoothie and should not be eaten raw on salads.
Did you know that: "Wheatgrass cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris. It stimulates metabolism and bodily enzyme systems in enriching the blood by increasing red blood cell count, and in dilating the blood pathways throughout the body, reducing blood pressure. The thyroid gland is also stimulated and normalized by the use of wheat grass juice - an important step toward the correction of obesity, indigestion and a host of other complaints. Wheatgrass has an alkalizing effect on the blood. Its abundance of alkaline minČerals helps reduce overacidity in the blood. It can be used to relieve many interČnal pains. It has been used successfully to treat peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and other complaints of the gastrointestinal tract." -Ann Wigmore, excerpts from "The Wheatgrass Book"

From Sandy at Beretta Farms: Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Rabbit promises a placid year where good taste and refinement will shine! I'll hopefully be bringing a nice selection of pork and chicken products.
Beretta Specials this week:

  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Prosciutto
  • Seasoned Chicken Wings for you Super Bowl fans!

(Our 'market original') Greenfields Organic Farm was honoured at the 1st Annual Ontario Organic Awards last Thursday, winning in the Outstanding Horticultural Producer category. Lorenz was busy selling outstanding carrots, sunchokes, winter radishes and other prize-worthy roots to us at the market while the party was taking place! Rather than resting on his laurels this week, he sent along an urgent letter on Bill C-474 (analysis of potential harm re: GMO crops) to cut, paste and send to MPs; see the Market News page for a copy.

Natasha Akiwenzie called to say don't even think about fish; they're frozen in and won't be on the water for some time. (Could the Groundhog Day prediction help with this?)

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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