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Weekly Market Notes for February 28, 2008

Hello Market Friends:
Market organizers are thinking a lot about Parks policy and politics this week; it's meeting time again!

I want to ask you, our regular, involved customers, how you feel about the role of the market in your community and your food choices. In particular, I'm wondering what your views are on how the market works in the park setting, and the way we have chosen to include some non-local foods in our market even though it is primarily a local-boosting one. If you're not familiar with our guidelines, they're available to read here on the market page:Vendor Guidelines

Has your own awareness, access to and consumption of local foods grown because of the market?

Would we be better off with city-wide rules (as the parks department has proposed) that farmers could not sell anything from other farms or anything non-local?

Any comments on what you think a city-wide policy about markets in parks should say?

If you can take the time to write, and if you don't mind having your views shared, it would be helpful. Write to me at:

Here's the news from the vendors:

From Angelos of Country Meadows Gardens: "I will have a good selection of heirloom tomato seeds as well as our amazing certified organic seed starter. The tomato seeds we started last week have not only sprouted, they are growing like weeds (pardon the pun). The seed starter I will have tomorrow is the same one we use at the farm. Note, we do have limited amounts."

This week at is the first blog dedicated to seeding. I've included a picture of a few tiny tomato seedlings that have emerged to get everyone thinking spring!! Ben will be there tomorrow with our storage crops and my food, while I stay on farm and continue seeding! Stay warm, spring is coming... Jessie & Ben.

Raymonde returns with her lovingly prepared goodies.

Plan B will have fresh-pressed cider from Bousfields, local storage apples, and tender local greens from Slegers along with other healthy fruits and veggies.

See you at the market!

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