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Friday Night Supper for March 17, 2006

Dear rink friends,

We weren't going to have a Friday Night Supper this week, but tonight the skaters look so happy and the moon is so bright, that it seems we just have to have one last go, before the rink closes for the season on Sunday.

Plus Alvaro from Plan B Organics gave us a whole tray of red peppers and another tray of perfectly ripe avocados after the farmers' market. So we looked in the pantry/freezer/fridge to see what else is there. Lo and behold, we had a menu:

  • Soup: white bean/squash
  • main meat: Ute Zell's wild boar sausages with Sosnicki's potatoes, onions and garlic, all oven-roasted with Ute's duck fat
  • main vegan: tacos with guacamole and black bean filling
  • Salad: lettuce with roasted red peppers
  • dessert: rhubarb-apple sauce with ice cream and Jonathan Forbes' Saskatoon-berry syrup, and a park cookie

Pay-what-you-can (since we got some of the food donated).

Skating has been open in the mornings and evenings but closed during the afternoons because of the strong March sun (there's a good reason why the rinks used to open in November and close in February). But City Hall ice was fine all day today and we're going to ask the zamboni drivers to give us a scrape every two hours tomorrow like they do at City Hall and see if that helps. Otherwise, at least the pleasure-skating side should be fine by 6.30.

If you want to make sure about the ice quality, call the rink at 416 392-0913. We'll update the message by 5 p.m. and every half hour after that.

See you at the rink!

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