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Weekly Market Notes for March 16, 2006

Dear market friends,

Anne Freeman is in Mexico, so I'm back in the saddle this week and next. This is the last week you can skate and shop -- the rink is open for skating all of March break but will close for the season on Sunday.

This week if you get hungry during the market, the rink snack bar will be serving bowls of park vegan cook Mary Sylwester's gnocchi in wine-tomato sauce (it's so tasty, hopefully the rink staff won't have eaten it all by the time the market begins).

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

"See you Thursday with fresh venison. Shop early for best selection…only 4 tenderloins, 2 eye of round, 4 top sirloins, 2 sirloin tip roasts, 16 striploin pcs, 8 round, slices of smoked venison all available fresh…plus frozen breakfast sausages, burger patties available as usual. Venison chili for eat-in or take home. We also have Elk Velvet Antler, pure Emu Oil available for a variety of health benefits...for more info go to our website at:

From Sosnickis:

"Ben will be there with his potatoes, carrots and cabbage again! We'll soon be done with the storage crops (by the end of this month probably), and it worked out perfectly, as we are getting busy in the greenhouses now!"

Colette Murphy will be there with Urban Harvest seeds and Earthly Paradise lotions and potions. Fresh from the spring fling at Canada Blooms..

From Mark of Greenfields:

"Kaidy has arrived and is excited about her first Dufferin experience; take it easy on her. LOCAL goodies this week; Beet, Carrot, Shiitake Mushroom, Rutabaga, Squash ( Butternut, Buttercup ), Watercress and of course LOCAL Spring Mix and a limited amount of Greenfields Grown Salad Mix. Great Prices on Broccoli, Green and Black Kale, Red Peppers and Mixed Sweet Peppers and more. Nice selection of fruit; Ambrosia Apple, Avocado, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Plum, Lemon, Navel Orange, Bosc and Red Bartlett Pears as well as Mangos for .75!"

From Jonathan of Forbes Wild Foods:

I'll be bringing some maple syrup (organic and natural) but I don't know how much yet as everyone is busy in the bush (shovelling snow now following the brief appearance of Spring). Also lots of dried wild mushrooms, wild fruit preserves and veggies.

I also have some more organic wild rice. I'll also have some organic sweetened Saskatoon, Wild Blueberry and Chokecherry syrups.

From Ute Zell of Stonehenge Farms:

Ute called to say she'll have all her regular frozen meats but the only fresh meat will be chicken from neighbouring Fenwood Farms. Ute and Tom couldn't get to the butcher this week because all the kids and wild boar babies are being born. This morning they had their 90th goat kid, and they have 27 baby wild boars. Ute says the wild boars have a shelter but some of the boar mothers are mistrustful of the male boars and so they stay away from the shelter and give birth out in the open. One boar mother gave birth in freezing rain last week. When Ute and Tom drove up and dumped a new, big bale of straw beside the boar mother, she immediately covered up her babies. Ute says the boar mother looked so grateful and satisfied, if she could have spoken she would have said thank you.

See you at the market -- and gardeners, don't forget !!!Seedy Saturday!!! this week:

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