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Weekly Market Notes for January 17, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Still lots of great seasonal eating to enjoy this week, though we are gobbling up the supply of storage vegetables this year! Next year, we'll hope for even bigger harvests of all our winter favourites.

For delicious greens from (very) close to home, check out the assortment of fresh sprouts from Toronto Sprouts' indoor farm just over on Bathurst Street, as well as tender hydroponic greens from Slegers', courtesy of Plan B.

If you haven't tried Angelos' delicate ricotta lately, it's not to be missed (and just right alongside those tender greens).

Maria of Oh Soy will be back this week.

Look for fresh sheep's milk from Best Baa in both 500ml and 1l sizes in the zamboni garage.

Andrew Akiwenzie should be down with smoked fish, and you may want to get a little extra, as next week he'll be away, taking the whole family to participate in the First Indigenous World Cup Games in Lake Louise. Andrew and Natasha are coaches, and their three boys are avid ski racers. We'll be cheering for them!

See you at the market!


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