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Weekly Market Notes for January 10, 2008

Hello Market Friends:
So, we get to trade the big snowbanks for some puddles this time. Never mind the weather; your favourite food producers (and your taste buds) will thank you for making the trip. Some news about January foods from near and far:

"This recent thaw has allowed the crew at Greenfields to venture up to the fields for a windy, muddy harvest. Lots of freshly picked Green Kale coming from our fields this week. Our storage crops coming to market this week include: Beets, Carrots, Celeriac, Parsnips, Rutabaga and of course Jerusalem Artichokes. Look for some Local Salad Mix this week. A great selection of other vegetables and fruit (Pineapples & Mandarins) will also make the trip to the city. See you there", Mark.

The guys from Chocosol are just back from Mexico with a fresh shipment of albino cacao and red chia.

Look for Irene of Deer Valley Venison Farm in the zamboni garage with venison and ready-to-eat venison entrees.

Nicole and Peter of Best Baa will be in the garage, too, with very nutritious and delicious yogurt, cheeses and fresh sheep's milk, as well as lamb and lamb pies.

Also, Ute Zell of Smiling Goat & Co. will have fresh whole ducks.

Andrew McNenly, maker of vegan fudge and macaroons, has asked us to offer you his phone number: 416-655-3212, in case you'd like to place an order with him.

CBC's "The Current" has a series in progress called "Diet for a Hungry Planet", interesting stuff for thoughtful eaters like yourselves. If you didn't catch it on the radio today, you might like to listen to the interview with Michael Pollan (author of The Omnivore's Dilemma), available on the web:

Apologies for last week's late news, the result of a server delay which--we hope--has been fully resolved.
See you at the market!

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