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Weekly Market Notes for January 18, 2007

Hello Market Friends

Aaah, good ol' January. The relief in some proper weather is palpable. Market day will be mild enough that we'll put up one tent for the hardiest vendors, but most will squeeze inside. It's a slightly different arrangement every week, so make sure you do the full circuit.

Henrik, our patient and persistent webmaster, has set up a new system for you to receive market emails, and the good news is that it is now working smoothly. The bad news is that my email is currently in an unrelated but serious mess, and today, all the late-breaking details of tasty food and special announcements failed to make it through.

So, this is only a partial market news. Apologies to the vendors who sent messages that are still floating in the ether, and to you, dear readers, please come and find out what's up at the market. Info. will be posted on the market boards both beside the rinkhouse cafe and outside.

Last week some of us really enjoyed seeing pictures of Andrew Akiwenzie's fishing boat, a tiny but mighty outboard. He told us he had gone out 14 miles into the January lake the day before to catch the fresh fish for the market. Isn't there any cover on the boat? I asked, and he laughed and said sometimes he wears a hat.

This week, some unfortunate news from Andrew, Natasha, and the boys:

"We won’t be able to make it to this Thursday’s market; we hit a deer on the way home after market Thursday. We were about halfway home near Flesherton, and we struck a doe and it disabled our truck. We had to tow our vehicle to Owen Sound and find a ride home from there.…I was surprised to find out how much it costs to tow a vehicle when O.P.P. call them, for us it was $350.00 plus cab fare home. Everyone is ok other than the deer. The damage done to our truck is $6000.00 and should be fixed in eight days. We will return when we get our truck back."

Ted Thorpe will be in this one more time, and Maria of Oh Soy & John of Bees Universe will be back.

From Jessie Sosnicki:

"Finally a nice touch of winter around here! Lost power for a good 20 hours with the ice storm but we lit a fire in the fireplace, burned some candles and sat with seed books and figured out our entire growing season! I'll have lots of warm food at market (perogies, cabbage rolls and kraut), and Ben will have potatoes and cabbage as always."

Park staff will be spit-roasting a leg of lamb from Ute Zell at Campbell Rink on Friday night from 7-9 to go with the DJ on ice and campfire. (They've learned some good cooking tips from Ute and are mastering their technique.) The rink is located on Campbell Ave. just south of Dupont and just west of Lansdowne.

See you at the market! Anne

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. year-round

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