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Weekly Market Notes for January 08, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Happy New Year and welcome back to the no-kidding-it's-winter market, where the pleasures of good company and wonderful food add a lot of warmth to the season. We'll have a slightly smaller crew, with Raymonde (Fleur d'Amour), Maria (Oh Soy) and Colette (Urban Harvest) taking some time away, and Bruno (Fun Guy Farms) waiting for a new crop of mushrooms to be ready later in the month. The Akiwenzies hope to make it next time with fresh fish if the weather allows, but won't be down this week.

Still lots to choose from, though, with the priority on local as always, and some extras where we need them provided by our producers. Shopping at winter markets provides important support for our farmers, and we appreciate your loyalty at this time of year when 'a walk in the park' is slightly more challenging!

Here's the news:

From Greenfields: "You'd never know that the holidays just ended with the exception of a freezer full of leftovers and of course new socks!! Lots of great fruits and veggies to help kick off the new year; I think it's a fantastic idea to resolve to eat more organic produce. Nice One!! A good selection of greens this week: Red Chard, Green & Black Kale, Red Leaf & Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Parsley and Cilantro. Broccoli, Ginger and Red Peppers along with beautiful Ontario veggies including; Garlic, Red Onion, Parsnip, Rutabaga, Yams and Winter Squash. Of course we will have our own Carrots, Celeriac, Sunchokes and Black Radish." Mark

"Happy New Year to all our Dufferin customers! Holidays over, back to work on the farm and enjoying ordering seeds! Ben will continue to come with storage crops. We will have our own cabbage until well into spring time. Also a bevy of foods including pork and vegetarian cabbage rolls, perogies, sauerkraut and sausages. We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2009!!" Jessie Sosnicki

Plan B will be sending some greens and apples in with Ted Thorpe, who still has nice celery, red cabbage, carrots and more.

From Berettas: "This week, I will be bringing deli ends at $1.00 or 5 packs for $4.00. They are perfect for sandwiches, can be frozen, and are delicious. I will also be bringing fast-fry striploin and ribeye steaks, 2 steaks per package, $16.50 per package. This, my friends, is most certainly a really, really good deal. Don't miss out!" Lindsey

"Deer Valley Farm will be away this time, but at the market next week with fresh venison. If any of our customers would like to assure themselves that we will have what they want with us next time, we would be happy to receive requests by email: or by telephone 519-928-5618. This helps us to best meet everyone’s needs." Irene

Maria Solakowski joins us this week only with her tisanes: "this whole season of herbs carefully planted cultivated harvested and dried, thoughtfully combined to offer some fragrance to your life."

Red Wagon Preserves will be in attendance with tomatoes from summer's harvest, deliciously roasted in the park ovens and captured in jars.

Our Market calendars are still available to beautify your kitchen, your office, or the walls of food-loving friends far away. January special, $10 each! We'd love to see every last one find a happy home, and your purchase helps keep the food coming to Dufferin Grove.

See you at the market!


p.s. Two extra notes this week:

1) The Guelph Organic Conference, with lots to see and learn, is coming up January 23-25. For more info. visit

2) Internship Opportunity: Do you want to learn to grow your own food, or take a step towards becoming a farmer? The Cutting Veg organic farm offers season long part-time farming interships, in which you can immerse yourself in the world of organic agriculture. Located in Brampton, ˝ an hour from Toronto, this internship is ideal for people who are rooted in the city, yet ready to take a significant step into the world of farming. Through farm work and discussion, Interns will be exposed to all aspects of organic agriculture, including plant propagation, plant care, soil preparation and health, pest-management, composting, and planning & marketing. As a potential intern, you must be willing to commit a minimum of 10 working hours per week from April - October, and be excited to receive agricultural skills, knowledge, and organic veggies, in exchange for your labour. If you're interested, please contact Daniel Hoffmann at, or (647)388-7444.

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