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Weekly Market Notes for December 30, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Just a quick reminder that we're open regular hours (3-7) on the 30th. We'll have a smaller crew on hand, but a good assortment to re-stock the pantry and fridge before New Year's. Here's a wee bit of news and a rough list of who will be there:

"Kind Organics will be at the market this week and for the rest of the winter season. In addition to our sprouts and micro-greens this week we will have a wonderful micro-salad blend. We thank all our customers for their support throughout the season, we truly appreciate your patronage and we hope you will continue to come out during these cold months.Thank you kindly," Tamas & Sandra

Ted Thorpe and Ben Sosnicki will provide a nice selection of produce, and Ben will have perogies, sauerkraut and cabbage rolls.

Also coming:

  • Best Baa with bring sheep's milk, cheeses, and yogurt;
  • Nujima Living Foods;
  • Alli Harris with rotis, sandwiches and more;
  • Chris and Krista of DeFloured with gluten-free baking;
  • Ming of YingYing Soy Foods with lots of kinds of tofu (try the tofu jerky if you haven't yet--yum!)
  • Forbes Wild Foods;
  • Andrew Akiwenzie with fish if the weather allows (this will be the case each week now);
  • The Park Bakers with bread and snacks,

and maybe a couple of others! We expect to have everyone in the rinkhouse apart from a couple of hardy vendors who like the outdoors best. We'll be back to a fuller setup next week.

Hope you're enjoying the season, and See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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