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Weekly Market Notes for July 16, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

If you haven’t eaten up all of last weeks groceries, why not have a feast tonight!? Tomorrow’s market is sure to fill up that empty fridge, not to mention your empty belly. With the park snack bar still quiet due to the strike, other vendors are doing a great job of feeding hungry shoppers. For example anyone who didn’t try last week’s Venison Pies brought by Deer Valley, should cross their fingers that they bring them again this week. For those with more vegetarian tendencies, why not stop by Hearty Catering for a snack? Or the Fish Shak and Clement’s Crepes . . . you never know what you might find, perhaps even a special hot weather treat from Best Baa for dessert. But enough from me, you want news from our busy farmers!

Greenfields brings us this: “The first of our FRESH GARLIC is here! This baby garlic plant has been picked a little early, before it has formed cloves. But it’s ready to eat now with a flavor that is much smoother than mature garlic. Use it as you would normally use garlic (especially nice in pesto). We’ll be bringing our sweet GREEN CABBAGES, RED BEETS and GARLIC SCAPES to market. And of course, a nice selection of greens, including BLACK AND GREEN KALE, COLLARDS, CHARD, GREEN LEAF and BATAVIAN LETTUCE and FLAT LEAF and CURLY PARSLEY. See you soon“ Lesley

Strawberries in mid July?! The Sosnicki’s Farm never ceases to amaze, check of what Ben will have for us this week: “Tomorrow the first bunches of sweet white onions with tops make an appearance! Also this cooler weather has allowed us to pull off some more strawberries and they are sooo sweet!! Loads of shelling peas, big heads of broccoli, tons of freshly dug red and white potatoes, Swiss chard, basil plants and fresh herbs and as many ripe tomatoes as we can find all hitting the market!” Jess

The faces at Beretta’s may have changed, but not the delicious specials, introduce yourself to Carly and pick up something for the weekend: “With BBQ season in full swing we will be featuring this week: organic Grass- Only Fed NY Striploin Steaks and Ground Beef (perfect for making burgs!) Also, our very flavorful organic Flank and Skirt Steaks are all $10 each! Come early because they’ll go fast! If yummy BBQ’d sausage excites you, try our new Wine and Garlic or our Spicy Turkey Sausages. We will have our Dufferin Grove Market “only” Deli Ends on for half price! Come down to sample our organic Nitrate -Free Spicy Beef Sausage (**special- reg. $8 NOW $5**) and delicious Hickory Smoked Pepperoni Sticks. See you thursday!” Carly

Everyone else will be there too and I am certain that no news is good news from all of them! Anne will return next week and if I’m lucky I will be back to baking.

See you at the market!


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