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Weekly Market Notes for July 09, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Hello Market Friends:

Our illustrious market manager Anne Freeman is off on a much deserved adventure for a few weeks, and although we will surely miss her (as we do our recreation staff and Dufferin Grove Park bread) the market must go on! There are even some things to celebrate this week, for example we will welcome Laura of Feast of Fields back for the summer season with all her fine fruits. Laura's news for this week came with this lovely quote and I couldn't help but share it with the rest of you!

"The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land " Abraham Lincoln

"We're looking forward to being back at the market this week. Our raspberries are in full production and while cherries are splitting due to all the rain we've had we still will be bringing some delicious sweet black cherries. See you Thursday ! btw here's a pic (on the Dufferin Park website of our black raspberries which should be ready by next week along with wild blueberries. Our blackberries and apricots will start the following week" Laura

Urban Harvest will be back again this week if your garden is still looking a little bare, or if you just can't help adding to it: "Plant season is winding down but we will still be bringing a nice selection of herbs and native plants. It isn't too late to plant many varieties of seed too so check out our selection. Beans can be planted right up until the end of July. Greens can fill in those spaces between your bigger plants and once your peas are finished try planting some kale or chard. Don't forget to leave the roots of your pea plants in the ground for added nitrogen. We will also bring some soil amendments and some body care. If you have a special order don't forget to phone us at 416.504.1653 and we can bring it." Colette

Exciting news from the Sosnicki farm "Ben's dug NEW POTATOES! There should be a plentiful amount for everyone. Boil, toss with butter, salt and pepper, dill, yum!! An abundance of Peas too! The super sweet shelling peas-in-a-pod will be plentiful! Also some sugar snap as well. Also our fresh bunches of field Beets are just starting along with our Broccoli! Also a snipit of our first cherry tomatoes! Pulling a few heirloom tomatoes and zucchini out of the greenhouse. More Swiss chard, Basil plants, fresh Herbs & sauerkraut. Cooler weather has slowed down the strawberries now. Beautiful bunches of onions coming next week,- it seems like harvest is now on full swing around here!!!" Jess

Last but not least, Greenfields had this to say: "Things continue to be very busy here at Greenfields with tons of weeding and transplanting. But all this hard work pays off as we bring you more top quality produce this week. New to the table includes ROUND and TORPEDO GREEN CABBAGE, GARLIC SCAPES, GREEN LEAF and RED BATAVIAN LETTUCE. Take advantage of our new tender and sweet cabbage and make coleslaw. A nice addition would be grated KOHLRABI or our ITALIAN or CURLY PARSLEY. We’ll also be bringing CHIOGGA, GOLDEN and RED BEETS with their tops. And more greens including, CHARD, BLACK and CURLY KALE, and COLLARDS. See you at market." Lesley

The news from everyone else is sure to be just as enticing, why not come down and find out?

See you at the market!

Jenny Cook

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