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Weekly Market Notes for July 02, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Happy Canada Day!

It has been a busy week, as I've been involved in efforts to ensure that farmers can continue to have access to markets through the strike. We're really grateful to City Councillors and Managers from Parks & Rec., Facilities and Public Health, and to CUPE for efforts to find solutions. Lots of networking, as the Toronto and Greenbelt Farmers' Market Networks (which I'm involved in), Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing, Farmers' Markets Ontario, and The Friends of the Greenbelt collaborated on getting the pieces in place. The civic centre markets, previously cancelled, are all on again as of July 2, and park-based markets are finding ways to get through. We hope that customers will come out in support of all the markets at this challenging time.

Still no park bread, snack bar, or washrooms at Dufferin, but we'll be very glad to see you, and there will be an abundance of great food coming in:

"Lots of great stuff from Greenfields this week including 3 different types of BEETS to choose from: the classic RED BEET, richly colored GOLDEN BEET and the striking CHIOGGA BEET. The Chiogga Beet has flesh which is ringed with white and red bands and tends to be the less sweet out of the three. Try roasting or grilling them or pair them up with a vinaigrette and have them in a salad. And don’t forget to eat the chard-like greens too! We’ll be bringing more of our tasty BROCCOLI and KOHLRABI, both which are almost done so don’t miss out. In the greens department we’ll have both GREEN and BLACK KALE, COLLARDS, CILANTRO and SWISS CHARD." Lesley

Linda (and Angelos) from Country Meadows send this news: "This week 2 of my favourite topics, tomatoes & heritage turkeys. First the tomatoes, we'll have a few of our home grown cherry tomatoes, the first of the season, for the market on Thursday. Heritage turkeys: we had a very succesful turkey hatch this year and anticipate having some heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course the young are still under the mothers' wings and watchful eyes so are not yet at the mercy of nature. Since they are free ranging, I'm sure the local foxes and coyotes will play a big part in how many will actually grow up. We know that some will be around in the fall, so for customers who would like to taste a "piece of history," and want to purchase one of these amazing turkeys, come to the market and put your name on our list. This is the same variety of bronze turkeys that the early settlers enjoyed hundreds of years ago. We'll send a regular e-mail update on how the turkeys are growing."

Sosnickis News: "Lotsa rain, lotsa weeds & lotsa bugs! The potato beetles are hideously plentiful, but the potatoes will size up before all the greenery disappears! Ben will be bringing more strawberries, more peas (all three kinds - snow, sugar snap & peas-in-a-pod!), Swiss chard, Batavian & Romaine lettuce, garlic scapes, fresh herbs, spinach & more sauerkraut! Perhaps a few other surprises, like our greenhouse zucs, too." Jess

Tim Clement will be making gazpacho and Ensaladilla Rusa (a Spanish potato salad dish, with garlic, carrots, peas and red peppers).

New from Dawn Woodward of Evelyne's Crackers: Pecan-Red Fife crackers, and delicious Red Fife Shortbread.

Bike Pirates will be visiting the market to do safety audits on bicycles. Many cycling accidents are caused by parts that are worn out or aren't working properly. Bring your bike along for free advice!

Also special this week, we'll have a performance by Dirty Laundry, a women's bluegrass band, between 4 and 6:30.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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