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Weekly Market Notes for June 25, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Yes, we have a market this week, but what a week it has been. We are concerned for our (wonderful) rec. staff, and hope for a fair and rapid resolution to the strike. We are also worried about market farmers, as all the markets at civic centres are presently cancelled, in the midst of the short, sweet strawberry season. Work is underway on possible solutions; it can't happen fast enough. Markets like ours, in parks, are continuing to operate, but without the usual city services. We hope you will come and make it the best market possible under the circumstances.

A message from the CELOS Staff: You may notice this week that neither the park bread nor adjacent cafe will be available at the market. Both of these programs, like most programs at Dufferin Grove Park, are run by CELOS in close partnership with the city. For the time being, out of respect for our partner and the strike, CELOS has decided not to run those programs alone. However, if you are interested in discussing questions around the strike please come and talk to us at the empty table, we would love to hear your thoughts as well as share what information we can.

Here's the news from our vendors:

Sosnickis report: It is officially Strawberry season around here. Every other day the booming patch is picked and watered. Fresh berries sold on alternate days to all you folks! They are ripe, sweet and it's time to preserve! Whether you freeze or make jam, Ben can sell you flats for a fair price this week, along with individual quarts that are heaped as high as we can get them. We hope to run the berries for the next two weeks- certified and 100% our own to boot! Also new, one variety of our PEAS is arriving! Sugar snaps are whole eating peas. Though not as sweet as our peas-in-a-pod (coming next week), they are a welcome addition to stirfries or crunched on raw. I love sautéing these peas along with Garlic Scapes, another crop Ben will have as well. Also more spinach, fresh lettuce (enjoy the lettuce, this heat will cause the crop to bolt) huge heads of romaine, and our triple red leaf, along with cabbage & sauerkraut. Enough chat for now, weeds are plentiful too!! Jess.

News from Greenfields: We’re excited to bring you the very first of our BROCCOLI so make sure to come and pick up a head of this super vegetable! As well, our CILANTRO will be making its first debut. Why not try cilantro in your favorite pesto recipe? Try this drizzled over vegetables or pasta salad, or with grilled meats. Also this week we’ll have more of our tasty BEETS and PURPLE and GREEN KOHLRABI. Sweet and crunchy kohlrabi makes an excellent snack or addition to any salad. And of course, we’ll be bringing lots of our much in demand greens, including CHARD, GREEN and BLACK KALE, COLLARDS, LETTUCE and LETTUCE MIX. Lesley

Lindsey's specials from Beretta Farms: We'll be bringing hanger steak, NY striploin steaks, and turkey franks on special.

A note from Meg of Forbes Wild Foods: We will be bringing more delicious refreshing cooling Salicornia, as well as more of the #3 Dark Maple Syrup.

Best Baa/Ewenity Dairy will be absent, enjoying a well-earned vacation.

Alli of the Flying Fish Shak will have special snacks this week, Tim Clement plans to make a cool pot of gazpacho, and there will be lots more to eat on the spot or take home. Please join us.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

p.s. Note that we will have no public washroom access during the strike.

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