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Weekly Market Notes for June 18, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

As I took a shortcut through Wal-Mart this week, I was surprised by a fellow in a straw hat serving up pineapple samples, among bins of peaches, peppers, and all sorts of other produce. Maybe they're jealous of what we've got going on across the street....

Here's the news from our growers and producers:

Sosnickis' news: Ben will be bringing our strawberries in! A lot of time continues to go into our patch, which is kicking out a plentiful amount of berries that have just begun to ripen. We grew 2 varieties to try this year, an early one and a later one. Excellent flavour on both! Also our first garlic scapes will arrive! The great 'garlicky green beans' are excellent sauteed with oil, butter and a dash of sea salt and cracked pepper. Chop finely raw to use aboard salads and omelettes, or boil with boullion and add a cream sauce to make a really awesome soup! Fresh bulk spinach along with more triple red leaf lettuces, huge romaine heads and other glorious varieties to create tasty salads! All this and still heads of cabbage and a cooler full of sauerkraut and perogies hitching a ride on the market truck! Jess.

New this week from Greenfields includes both Green and Purple Kohlrabi. If you haven’t tried this sweet and crunchy vegetable before, now’s your chance! Eat it raw as a snack or slice it up and add it to your salads. It can also be steamed, sautéed or roasted. We’re excited to say that we'll also be bringing the very first of our Baby Beets. Pretty and sweet, and tasty raw or cooked. We’ll have the usual great selection of our own greens including Black and Green Kale, Swiss Chard, Collards, Red Mustard, and Spinach. And we’ll be bringing the last of our Red Radishes, so make sure to pick up a bunch! Lesley

The Urban Harvest report: Well at last, great planting and growing weather. We still have some tomatoes and peppers. Did you know that peppers are perennials in their native climate? So pot them up and bring them inside for the winter. The hot ones work especially well this way. We have lots more natives now. The cool spring and late frosts slowed them down but they are starting to look quite nice after some warm days. We planted beans and squash from seed on Monday. They like the soil to be warm. So we will bring seeds too. See you at the market. Colette and Pablo

Lindsey from Berettas send these specials: NY striploin steak: $12.80/lb. Nitrate-free spicy beef sausage: $7.50/pkg Turkey franks: $8.40/pkg Hanger steak: $9.13/lb. Oxtail: $7.92/lb.

Forbes Wild Foods news: "We will be bringing more delicious Sea Asparagus (aka Salicornia) to the market!" Meg and Seth

Thanks to Linda and Angelos Kapelaris of Country Meadows Gardens for their donation of tomato plants to local community gardens.

We hope to have a visit from Matthew Cooper of Soil Smart, with information on local, living compost teas for your garden.

A special announcement about a tasty event this weekend:

Chocosol Chocolate Traders presents a Summer Solstice Street Festival!

Among the community activities, delicious local food and celebration, Slow Food Toronto will be hosting an Asparagus and Strawberry Ice Cream Tasting!

Celebrate Summer and Local Strawberries! Many great Toronto chefs will be preparing their special versions of strawberry ice cream made with Barrie Hill Farms' strawberries and served on cones made with CIPM grains' Red Fife.

There will also be Asparagus Tasting! Explore Varieties of Delicious Local Asparagus in directed tastings led by local producers.

DATE & TIME: Sunday June 21st, 12:00 – 5:00pm

WHERE: Along 6 St. Joseph Street

All Tastings are Free!

Here in the neighbourhood, don't forget the Big on Bloor Festival this Saturday, and Cooking Fire Theatre Festival, on every night in the park until Sunday, June 21st. Dinner is served from 6 to 7 pm, with performances beginning at 7.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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