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Weekly Market Notes for June 11, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

A lovely June week. We're hoping, though it's not absolutely guaranteed, that the beautiful bouquets of Underground Organics' Shane Eby will make their season's debut this week, adding more colours of the rainbow to the spring harvests coming in.

All around town you'll have noticed the new signs advising shoppers of a 5 cent minimum charge for plastic bags, and the new rule will apply at the market, too. We'd really like to get away from plastic bags altogether, so some vendors won't be offering them at all, some may charge a bit higher bag price to discourage use, and we will keep reminding you to bring along reusable sacks or baskets. We also have plenty of sturdy jute bags for sale, thoughtfully designed with a lining so you don't need to worry about putting wet items inside. They're two dollars each, available at various tables or from me, and proceeds benefit the market.

Sosnickis news: The thunderstorm poured needed rain onto the fields and the lettuce is gorgeous! Big, dark green heads of Romaine, dark rich red Leaf heads along with bostons too, all fresh field coming to market, along with Bok Choy, Cabbage & some perogies (due to demand, I used the one rainy day to make sauerkraut and potato/cheddar perogies!) Jess

Greenfields report: This week we are very happy to bring a ton of tender greens to the table including Black and Green Kale, Collards, Red Mustard, Spinach, Lettuce Mix and Red, Yellow and Rainbow Chard. We have three types of big, beautiful Lettuces including both Red and Green Leaf, as well as the Heirloom Black Seeded Simpson. Add our vibrant Red Radishes to your salad as the finishing touch. See you at market, Lesley

Deer Valley will be trying out a new venison kofta recipe this week. In addition to being wheat, egg, dairy and yeast free, this one is also gluten free, so those with gluten intolerance can also enjoy them. Irene

A taste sensation introduced at last week's market, now coming regularly: as well as rotis, sandwiches and drinks, Alli Harris (Flying Fish Shak) is making fritters, with fish from Andrew Akiwenzie. Touch of chives, just the right spicing...VERY TASTY.

Seldom Seen, Seldom Heard Farm will be away this week. Fresh lamb next time.

At our house, we've been enjoying the CIPM flours brought by Dawn of Evelyne's Crackers. One of our regular customers told me she makes great pastry with spelt flour, and I've found it to be perfect for muffins. So nice to have this top quality local supply!

The sixth annual Cooking Fire Theatre Festival is coming up June 17-21. Follow the link to see the full lineup, and plan to enjoy open-air performances and delicious food in the park next week.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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