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Weekly Market Notes for June 04, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

We've never had to retreat after moving the market fully outdoors before, but last week's deluges were quite convincing. This time, though, it's back to the lovely green path, with more vendors, and local selection on the rise. Ted Thorpe should be back steadily now with greens and more to follow soon, Bob Felhazi's beautiful veggies (brought by his helper Helga) are much appreciated, and here's the news from some of our other great growers:

The Greenfields report: Cool weather with night temperatures dipping dangerously close to freezing, may not be everyone's favorite, but it makes our spring greens tastier than ever. Right out of our fields we'll have wonderful tender bunches of CHARD in all colours, Green and Black KALE, COLLARDS, Red MUSTARD, mild Red RADISHES, RHUBARB, ASPARAGUS and the last of the SUNCHOKES until fall. The farm is a buzz of activity with planting, harvesting, weeding, and of course farmers' markets all happening at the same time now. Lorenz and Lesley

Sosnickis' news: Ben will be bringing the first of our fresh field spinach! Also lots of lettuce cut fresh Thursday morn including red leaf, red & green boston & batavian. More of those long purple peppery radish along with cabbage & cabbage rolls. Jess

Lindsey at Berettas' will be bringing: Turkey Franks: $9.00/package Hot Dogs: $7.50/package Sweet Chicken Sausage: $9.00/package

From Forbes Wild Foods: at Dufferin Grove we will have: SEA ASPARAGUS (aka SALICORNIA)! This is a delicious, salty and succulent green wild vegetable which grows in the ocean. Delicious raw or lightly steamed. Meg and Seth

Welcome to Evelyne Gharibian's Hearty Catering, and her helper Jane, returning with some favourites: healthy wraps, salads and stews to go.

As our special guests this week, the good folks of Slow Food Toronto will be in attendance, to share information on their local activities and ways to get involved in this remarkable international movement.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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