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Weekly Market Notes for May 28, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Enjoy the rain, it's growing your vegetables! With many crops in the ground now, this is very good. If we get a little thunder and lightning, so much the greener, as the charge fixes nitrogen so plants can use it. 5-8% of nitrogen is fixed in this way. But enough amateur science, you say, let's get to the market news:

We're pleased to welcome Dawn Woodward and Ed Rek of Evelyne's Crackers this week. Dawn has worked exceptionally hard at sourcing the ingredients for her many types of handcrafted crackers, expanding our access to local and organic options as well as great flavours! Along with the crackers, she'll bring several types of flour from CIPM, the certified organic farm of John and Patricia Hastings near Stirling, Ontario, where Red Fife heirloom wheat and Spelt are among the specialties. A happy day for bakers and those who like someone else to do the baking!

Dan of Seldom Seen found his lamb so popular that he went home early last week. He will be bringing ground lamb in addition to fresh cuts this time. If you know you're going to need a large order or particular cuts, speaking to Dan a week ahead will help him supply what you want.

This week’s offerings from Deer Valley include: fresh venison for home grilling, venison koftas (hot off the grill or frozen to take-home) and smoked sausages. Irene

Forbes Wild Foods will have the last of our wild leeks at the market this week. Being the end of the season, the greens are shorter and the bulbs are nice and big (great for roasting or pickling). We will also have a bunch of fresh wild garlic greens. Meg and Seth

Sosnickis report: "We've had excellent planting and cultivating weather! We are happy with the success of our field crops so far. Ben, his mother and I are planting and maintaining all crops for now; our 4 man crew lands in 3 weeks to help us out once more starts. Ben's mom has already been out with her hoe in the broccoli and summer cabbage and lettuce patch. Ben spent all day Tuesday on the tractor cultivating. Our potatoes have sprouted and look great. Ben is working on hilling them up now. Sunday Ben and I put in our 100 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, many new ones to try this year. The actual planting went smoothly, just me yelling 'whoa!' so I could write the name on the flag and put it with each variety. It's a sea of pink flags out there!! In the Strawberry patch, while some blossoms suffered a bit of frost, we think it 'evened' out the patch and all looks well for lots of June berries. Garlic is also sizing up. No green garlic from us this year. We are only selling scapes, full bulbs and saving seed. While Ben's mom and I transplant our late patch of field tomatoes, Ben will be coming to Dufferin with a heap of bounty from our greenhouses! Lots of Red leaf lettuces, Batavian & Red Butterhead/Boston, Green Boston, Asian greens including Bok Choy and Tatsoi and those gorgeous long pink peppery radish. Also, the 'just won't quit' storage cabbage (we've figured there will only be about 1 month during the entire year we will not have our own cabbage to offer!) frozen sauerkraut and cabbage rolls and some choice seedlings will come along for the ride hoping to find a home in your garden. Jessie

Late-breaking news: our good friend Ted Thorpe may arrive with the first of his lettuce!

See you at the GREEN market!


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