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Weekly Market Notes for May 21, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Feeling HOT HOT HOT! On this remarkable Thursday the market will move fully outside for the first time this year, down on the path as well as beside the buildings. The farmers were very happy to hear that the time has come; we're all ready to enjoy the more ample space and the beauty of the park.

What better way to celebrate this early taste of summer than with ICE CREAM! Best Baa (Peter, Nicole and Kathy) will be bringing their cart to scoop delicious flavours made from their dairy's sheep milk. And if you'd like some dinner before your dessert, we have plenty to choose from:

  • Alli from the Flying Fish Shak will be making rotis with callaloo and lamb's quarters (from Plan B) and cool smoothies
  • Tim Clement, along with his helper, Michael, will be offering burritos in addition to crepes
  • Irene from Deer Valley will have venison kofta on the grill, as well as fresh venison and smoked sausage in the cooler.
  • Samosas, veggie pizzas and treats from Alli's Bakery
  • Great food from the Park Cooks under the big market tent, too!

Here's the harvest report from the farms:

Plan B will have lots of their own greens and green garlic, plus local apples and local greenhouse cukes and tomatoes.

A quick update from Greenfields: "From our farm we will have: Chives (loads), Fresh Garlic (aka Garlic Scallions), Rhubarb, Asparagus, Salsify, and Potted mini sunflowers."

Sosnickis report: "Ben will be bringing a bounty of red and green leaf lettuces, red & green boston lettuces & some batavian too! Also some gorgeous mild red radishes and some hot long purple radishes, tatsoi and bok choy too! With our fresh greens come our plants, good ol' cabbage, cabbage rolls & sauerkraut. We are super busy planting, got a large Roma tomato patch in today, along with Basil and Cherry tomatoes! Jess

An exceptional selection of plants, seeds, and soil amendments from Urban Harvest and Country Meadows Gardens, and it's great weather to get them in the garden now.

Sorry to the excited people who came looking for Bob Felhazi's famous asparagus last week. Frost got in the way of his plans, and the cold came back again Monday night, so no asparagus from his farm this week either. However, he'll be sending down some spinach, salad mix, leeks, radishes, rhubarb, and if we're very lucky maybe even some morels, as they've been turning up in his artichoke patch!

On special again this week from Berettas, nitrate-free spicy beef sausage! $7.00/package! delicious!

More wild leeks and potted wild garlic from Forbes Wild Foods.

Sunset Thursday night: 8:41 pm. It's so nice to linger a little longer out of doors....

See you at the market!


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