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Weekly Market Notes for July 19, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

I'm away this week, so I'm cheating a little to give you a long-distance preview of what's coming to market. It's worrisome, though....What if you eat all the PEACHES? Debbie Wiecha expects hers to make their debut, Laura Sabourin predicts peaches, apricots, plums, raspberries, wild and tame blueberries, Ted may bring some more of those amazing blackcaps (or black raspberries if you prefer) and if we're really lucky Helga from Pine River and Ann from Woolerdale should have more berries too. All these glorious treats will be around for a short time only, so come & get 'em!

Mustn't let the fruits upstage the veggies, though, as we'll have SO many to choose from: beets and beans, tomatoes, fresh dug potatoes, garlic, green and bulb onions, loads o' greens (kale, chard, lettuces, many salad mixes), zucchini, a limited supply of carrots and white turnips, and perhaps the last asparagus.

"Kind Organics will have Kale Chips for the first time this week. We will have lots of Cosmic Blend and Herbs." Sandra Dombi

If you're planning a picnic or party, here are a few items to consider for your list: cheeses from Best Baa, Evelyn's Crackers, sweet and savoury condiments from Forbes Wild Foods and Growing Spaces (try Blythe's garlic scape relish on your next burger), fresh vegan pestos from Earth & City, and sweets from Alli's or DeFloured.

To keep your cooking inspiration going strong we're planning a Cook Book Swap at the market in August, so have a look through your bookshelf to see what you'd like to trade. Have a lovely week, and

enjoy the market!

Anne Freeman

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