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Weekly Market Notes for July 26, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

If you love farm-fresh harvests (and farmers!) you've got to celebrate summer rain. Come and dance in your rubber boots this week! Here's our news:

From Knuckle Down Farm: "For those of you who are excited about pickling, I have a variety turnip this week called Scarlet Ohno Revival (with a name like that how could I not plant it?) traditionally used for pickling. I will also have purple pickling onions and beans in three colours. There should be some salad mix and hopefully arugula too, although the flea beetles have had a revival of their own. Hope to see you at a rainy market if we are lucky!" Jenny

Sosnickis' contribution: "We've seen on the news that areas like Toronto and up north, even London have seen some rain these past few weeks. Not us. Ben and I are not big on whining about it, we'll keep our noses to the dusty ground here and instead we'll discuss the positives. Our tomatoes are gorgeous this year! I will begin as early as next week taking bulk orders for Romas for sauce making!! The patch is green as grass, no disease! This is a tomato year! More Heirlooms and Cherry Tomatoes will hit Dufferin this week along with lots of Green Beans!! Onions are awesome and will be plentiful. Field cucs too! Just retail amounts, you can buy as much as you want of course but we didn't grow volume for wholesale pickling. (AND we should have! No disease in the small cuc patch!) We direct seeded more cucs a while back so if they turn out we may have more later on. Fresh dug Potatoes, new sweet crisp little Cabbages, the monster bunches of Kale, Swiss Chard and fabulous Garlic too! Couple more weeks until our Sweet Corn!!" :)) Jess & Ben

"Kind Organics will have 4 flavours of Kale chips this week... Woo Hoo! We will also have a new Salad Blend, the FRENCH Blend so come by and check it out! " Sandra Dombi

Making the rounds of the growers' tables, we're getting into the stretch when it's fun to count just how many colourful types of produce we have at Dufferin Grove! Small scale farmers are HUGE on variety!

We have a few absences this week, all returning next: Clement's Crepes, DeFloured, and Primeridge Pure.

Also sadly absent will be Debbie Wiecha of Niagara Lavender Farm, who is in B.C. caring for her daughter after a serious accident. Some of you may not be aware that as well as being a wonderful fruit grower Debbie is a nurse, so we know her daughter is getting the very best of care. Our thoughts are with Debbie and her family at this difficult time.

Matthew and Laura Sabourin of Feast of Fields will bring lots of delicious certified organic peaches this week.

Our market COOKBOOK SWAP is scheduled for August 16th. Here's how it works:

1) Look through your bookshelves and decide which cookbooks someone else would use more than you do.

2) Bring them to the park on the day of the swap or in advance: anytime when the rinkhouse is open (daytime hours in general). There will be a box with a sign. Trade your books in for tickets based on size/value: S, M, L or XL. You're also welcome just to donate cookbooks if you have too many.

3) Come to the swap on the 16th, trade your tickets for cookbooks you like, and enjoy talking about favourite recipes with fellow swappers. Chances are the ingredients you need will be close at hand!

No books to trade in? You can also buy cookbooks for a modest donation.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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