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Weekly Market Notes for July 27, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

For starters, a quick bit of housekeeping: if any of you are receiving duplicate mailings or do not wish to be on the news list anymore, please let us know by replying to this address.

Mary Lou Dolan, who organized our market questionnaire, would like to thank everyone for their time in participating and for the detailed thought that people put into their answers. Your comments are very helpful. Also, thanks to all for spreading the word to friends and the community, as that's clearly how most people learn about the market. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the questionnaire draw, Ann Bjorseth (who happens to be one of our most dedicated regulars). We'll be presenting her with a market gift certificate this week.

In vendor news:

From Jonathan Forbes: "I'll be at the market tomorrow with this year's organic maple syrup in 1 liter and 250ml sizes. I'll also have a good selection of dried wild mushrooms, wild veggies and fruits."

From Colette Murphy: "Earthly Paradise will be at the market with lots of lotions and potions. Try the Rose Cream to be made fresh on Thursday morning. We will also have some plants: 1 Culver's Root, 2 Cardinal Flowers, a few catnip(cats have been known to turn up their noses at other catnips) and 3 Virgin's Bower,our Ontario native clematis."

Welcome back to John Ferrari with wild blueberries.

Angelos of Country Meadows Gardens really needs your egg boxes or he won't be able to bring the eggs to market.

From Irene: "Deer Valley Farm will have a selection of fresh(aged) cuts of venison. Just madeľ frozen burger patties & sausages for your grill at home or to enjoy while at the market.

Sarah & Shania will have cookies & bottled water available to raise funds for a well for the Massai Mara village in Africa under the Adopt a Village program with Free the Children."

Don't forget to support the market by getting your very own organic cotton and hemp shopping bag, on sale again this week for $10 at the bread tables.

See you at the market!


P.S. A reminder that Clay and Paper Theatre's latest production, Camoes, the One-Eyed Poet of Portugal, is on at 7:30 in the park.

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