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Weekly Market Notes for August 3, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

A late edition of the news, going out after(most) of the thunder and a little of the heat has passed. Thursday evening, a pleasant 18 degrees is predicted, so eating will seem like a good idea again, and if your kitchen still hasn't cooled off, no worries, the market cooks will have great dinners ready for you.

Here's what's coming this week:

From Plan B:

"This week, were back into greens with tons of salad mix, spinach, arugula, purslane, rainbows of chard, bundles of carrots and beets, the first of our golden cherry tomatoes and likely some of our first beefsteak tomatoes. What a rain! We had about 5 inches of rain in 12 hrs here last week... Celery looks like its digging it! More on that later...."


From Greenfields:

"The fields will be bursting after this little rain. Lots to do!!! Fresh from Greenfields this week: Fresh Beans (Purple, Green & Yellow), bunches of sweet Golden & Chioga Baby Beets, Green Cabbage, Red and Rainbow Chard, our Globe Eggplants are sizing up, Fresh Garlic tastes great, Green Onion, Italian & Curly Parsley, Green Peppers and of course Zucchini. Fruit wise we will be bringing Avocado, Banana, Lemon, Mango (ready to eat!) and Valencia Oranges.

We hope you enjoy!"


A special welcome back to Eva Kristof, with her beautiful bouquets of sunflowers and lilies. (I'm predicting they'll sell out early!)

Adolfo Garces won't be able to attend this week with Kafue coffee, but he'll be back next time.

More wild blueberries will be coming in with John Ferrari. (They're from close to the Quebec border, by the way.)

See you at the market!


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