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Weekly Market Notes for August 10, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

I have had the good fortune to spend the last few days canoeing in Algonquin Park. It was very lovely, but among the forests we were sorry to see many giants toppled by last week's storms. I kept thinking about Ted (Thorpe), who told me that many of his direct-seeded late crops were washed away by those same storms. Hopefully there's still enough time for re-seeding, for his sake and all of ours, as we enjoy his fall harvest so much. It's such a gamble to be a farmer....

This week's weather, luckily, is gentler(even though you might need an umbrella late in the afternoon), and the news from vendors is good:

From Laura Sabourin:

"Blackberries are at their peak this week! We have both wild and cultivated to bring to the market. Also early apples (Jersey Mac, Ida Red, Early Italian, and maybe a few others). Freestone peaches and nectarines will start soon as well as red plums and early pears. We will still have a few of our certified organic blueberries too."

From Earthly Paradise:

"Earthly Paradise will be at the market with all its lotions and potions and some new surprises.

We will also bring some seeds (Urban Harvest) as folks have continued to ask for them; and some soil and plant food. See you there with bells on."


From Greenfields:

"Lovely time of year out on the farm, lots of great produce this week from Greenfields: bunched Golden Beets, Chioggia Beets by the quart,Green Cabbage, Rainbow & Red Chard, beautiful Globe Eggplant, Garlic, Green Kale,Italian and Curly Parsley, Green Peppers and Zucchini. Mango,Avocado, Valencia Orange & a few other items round it off. Coming Soon: Tomatoes,Lettuce Mix and Watermelon!"


Irene of Deer Valley had car trouble last week, but she'll be back this time with venison, and Adolfo will return with a good supply of freshly roasted Kafue coffee.

A couple of hot tips in case you haven't tried these yet: people are raving about the(frozen)meat pies from Best Baa, and market fans unable to make it by 7 have even been begging my kids for special deliveries of Melvin's hemp pesto!

See you at the market!


P.S. On the website you may have read an excerpt from the August newsletter regarding pro-pesticide advertising that concerns us. Since then we've learned more accurate and detailed background info. Updates will be posted soon.

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