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Weekly Market Notes for July 04, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

I'm just back from a few days out of town, on the south side of the Canadian Shield. Out in the (uncultivated) fields, among ferns, sumacs and chunks of lichen-covered granite, all the sweet wild berries of summer are rushing to ripeness, turning the most powerful sun of the year into fruit. Picking berries under that sun, with an impressive number of biting insects, I thought, with appreciation, about the harvesters who pick the foods we enjoy.

This week's market will be one of the year's best for berries. We'll welcome back Laura Sabourin (Feast of Fields) with her first harvests, there will be more strawberries from the other growers, and we hope that Jonathan Forbes will be bringing in something special: Ontario grown serviceberries (or saskatoons --delicious by either name). While most of Jonathan's foods are wild, helping growers of indigenous fruits and nuts find a market is something he's very good at, and we're pleased to support that work.

  • Note: late-breaking news...serviceberries will arrive NEXT week!

Of course, the sun is workings its magic on other growing things, too, so here's more news from vendors:

From the Sosnickis: "Ben and I will be bringing the first fresh dig of our new potatoes, along with as many sweet shelling peas as we can find, as well as two edible pod types, beet bunches, basil plants, kale, red chard, green bunching onions. We are cutting from a new lettuce patch, so lots of fresh boston, batavian, red leaf and more garlic scapes!" Jessie.

From Monika of Greenfields: "Lots of beautiful new stuff this week! Broccoli is ready! Nice full heads. Sweet shelling peas are in, along with Cilantro and Parsley. The Beet bunches are looking good, with nice fresh greens. Rainbow Chard, Radishes and Kohlrabi are sure to brighten up any plate. Both Green and Black Kales are still quite tender and very flavourful. Lots of Spring Mix, buttery heads of Red and Green Leaf, and crisp Romaine. If you haven't already tried making "Fresh Collard Wraps", swing by for some Collards and the recipe. Sweet flavourful Strawberries too!"

From Urban Harvest: "To celebrate Canada Day, and as an appreciation for all the support we have been given from market goers ( you really are our co-producers), we are having a 50% off of everything sale for the market this week. We still have some lovely native plants, annual and perennial herbs, good ground covers and flowering plants, an important food source for our pollinators. For those of you who still want to plant tomatoes (like us- we are going to plant more on Fri.), we will have some tomatoes and hot peppers for $1 a pot."

See you at the market!


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