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Weekly Market Notes for June 27, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

We're ready for summer holidays, with a great selection of produce this week, including strawberries (short season predicted so don't delay!), many choices for the barbeque, and ice cream cones for those celebrating the first day of the rest of their lives--or anything else. If you don't feel like cooking, there are rotis from the Fish Shak, crepes & burritos from Tim, burgers from Deer Valley, tasty park food and other good things to enjoy. Urban Harvest will be bringing plenty of plants for long weekend gardening.

The friendly folks from the West end Initiative for Solar Energy (WISE) will be visiting once more to answer questions you may have about solar hot water and heating options and energy audits.

From Monika of Greenfields: This week's table will be piled high with a colourful variety of new harvest! Our Radishes are ready and will be served up in large delicious bunches. The Red Beets have sized up a lot since last week and have gorgeous greens great for shredding into raw salad, or for sautéing. Collards are a healthy way to make creative raw wraps using nut or meat pate and sprouts. Both Green and Black Kales, and the Rainbow Chard is fresh and tender. Lots of sweet Spring Mix, Baby Spinach, and our first heads of lettuce. Check out the Garlic Scapes, Mustard Greens and Kohlrabi to add variety and new flavour to your favourite dish. The Strawberries are a perfect combination of size and intense flavour. The Broccoli 'trees' are getting quite ripe- we'll have some next week if not this one!

Angelos of Country Meadows Gardens says, " FINALLY, I have some heirloom tomatoes to bring to the market, not many, but it's a start (if I could keep my family away from them I'd have more)!!

Angelos sent some photos from the farm, too, including one of their truly free-range chickens doing what they like best. And speaking of chickens, Gail Gordon Oliver, editor of Edible Toronto, asked us to pass along this petition to change the law prohibiting backyard hens in Toronto. If, like Gail, you're dreaming of your own little chicken coop, and haven't had a chance to sign yet, here's the link:

See you at the market!


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