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Weekly Market Notes for June 19, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

There's much to tell this week. First of all, smash your piggy bank (but not your jam jars) and run, don't walk to the market. The strawberries are beginning! This week, next week, next winter, you're going to want all you can carry.

But before we get to the farm news details, please reserve a moment to look at the latest bulletin from CELOS:

You might not feel a big connection to turf issues, and wonder why this concerns you as a friend of the market, but we've been facing some serious challenges to how we set up. We feel that a proposed city-wide markets in parks policy which prohibits farmers from bringing their vehicles in to sell from fails to offer them the support and reasonable working conditions they deserve. We hope, when you're enjoying the beautiful spread of produce at this week's market, you'll agree that this is just as important a reason to allow (limited and careful) vehicle parking as many other activities that regularly do. Now, to this week's reports from the vendors:

From Alvaro of Plan B: What a crazy season were in....Weve had huge hail storms around for weeks now. I saw a funnel cloud Tuesday about 800 metres from the home farm here! Were hearing lots of stories from other farmers of hail taking out significant portions of their crops. Hopefully its not too bad. That said, we will have tons of our own berries this week, the buckets of rain that fell on our farm have made them very happy! We will also have our own salad mix and maybe some of the first garlic scapes of the year, plus lots of yummy apple cider (for the second last week).

From the Sosnickis: Ben and I will be bringing lots of lettuce again, spinach, baby beets, garlic scapes, red spring bunching onions, the first of our peas (the edible pod type), perhaps baby chard and kale too, and fresh asparagus from Welsh's. Jessie

From Monika of Greenfields: We have been working hard to keep up with all the new harvest for this week. We have a new crop of early Baby Red Beets, with soft tender greens. The Purple and Green Kohlrabi are ready- sweet and tender! Try peeling the outer skin and slicing them fresh for a salad or sandwich. The leaves can be used just like Kale. Also fresh from our fields are Spring Mix, Collards, Baby Spinach, Japanese White Turnips and Asparagus. Should have the first of the Swiss Chard too!

Fresh Venison will be available from Deer Valley Farm this week.

Linda Kapelaris of Country Meadows Gardens had a great spring season selling her heirloom tomato plants at the market, and last week she gave us several trays of them to thank the market and the community for support. Many of the plants will benefit the Perth Dupont Community Garden. Market friend Susan Berman came to get them, and told us that some will go into a plot to grow food for the neighbourhood drop-in centre's kitchen. Other plants went to FoodShare's annual giveaway to community gardeners, and to the HOPE (Parkdale) gardens. Lots of people will enjoy the flavours of Linda's tomatoes this year!

See you at the market!


p.s. Cooking Fire Theatre Festival runs now through Sunday, and market food will be served at a wonderful cooking-fire supper every night at 6. More info. here on the website!

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