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Weekly Market Notes for July 05, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

Many of you will have heard of the major crop losses faced by fruit growers this year, but right now, we are in a time of beautiful abundance. In fact, last week we had berries left over at the end of the market, and that should never happen! Don't delay--this is the peak week for several of the most delicious crops, and it will pass before you know it. Show your support for organic fruit growers, and enjoy the pleasures of summer! Here's the news from the vendors:

From Niagara Lavender Farm: "Well we got some rain the other day so we have a wonderful load of sweet red raspberries ready for freezing or jam or simply enjoying. It is a alot of great fruit for this Thursday. We also have deep purple culinary lavender called Hidcote and a beautiful tall lavender called Grosso from France.

P.S. Peaches are coming in the next two weeks, hope for a sweet, delicious harvest like last year." Debbie Wiecha

From Feast of Fields: "This week sweet cherries are at their best of the season! A few sour cherries will make their once-a-year appearance too. Berries in abundance: red raspberries, dark almost black saskatoon berries (higher antioxidant value) and wild blueberries. The highbush blues are having a break between varieties but will be back soon. We will have apricots too, watch for peaches next week.' Laura and Matthew Sabourin

"Earthly Paradise will be back at the market on Thursday with a full line of body care. We will also have seeds and soil amendments from our sister company - Urban Harvest. And, we will have about 6 French Tarragon plants for those of you who have asked for it over the season. See you there." Colette and Pablo

Sosnickis' contribution: "Ben's digging New Potatoes first thing Thursday morning fresh for Dufferin! We won't be washing them as their skins are very delicate. Ben waits for the first dug potatoes each year and eats a plentiful amount boiled and tossed in butter and dill. Also we're cutting Broccoli, bunching Swiss Chard, Beets, and Kale, picking Peas, and bringing fresh dug Garlic too! Next week our bunches of Sweet Onions will begin!" Jess & Ben

Jenny Cook of Knuckle Down Farm has to miss this week’s market.

Shared Harvest made a great debut last week. This time Kevin expects to have green onions, some zucs in small quantities, carrots, beets, chard, kale, collards, maybe tomatoes, basil, parsley, turnips and purslane.

"Hi All, Amazing News! This week Kind Organics will have many HERBS to choose from. We will have Apple Mint, Summer Savory, Anise Hyssop, Lovage, Stevia and (for our feline friends) CAT NIP! This week we are also bringing Beet greens, Harvest blend petite greens, and LOTS of Arugula! And of course, we will also have the regular sprouts, Kombucha and COSMIC salad blend with herbs and flowers." Sandra and Tamas Dombi

Helga called from Pine River Organic Farm to say she'll be down with asparagus.

The Park Bakers are still faced with the problem of a broken mixer, but are doing their best to work around the challenge. Heidrun has been working on a 'full rye', the very dense kind meant to be sliced extra-thin. I was the lucky recipient of a half-loaf from the test batch, and I recommend it. It's great with cheese, and perfect for camping if you're heading out. Yo is trying some other no-knead recipes while they hope for successful mixer repairs.

To keep you cool, Ali Harris will be making smoothies featuring market fruits and veg, and there will be lots of honey-sweetened ice cream from Best Baa (have you tried the vanilla with lavender?).

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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