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Weekly Market Notes for June 28, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

We've got some good news, and some bad news. Better get the bad over with first:

Mixer Troubles at the Park: "Our big Hobart mixer has broken down. We'll be baking about half of our usual amount of bread since we're limited to mixing in our smaller mixer, and we don't want to overwork its motor. We will have a Hobart repairperson coming by to check on our bigger mixer as soon as possible. [Park friend] Izzie wasn't able to access the transmission, but once it's been inspected, he hopes to be able to help us locate and install any replacement parts. It's hard to know whether it will be possible to fix the mixer, and if it is, how long it will take. For next week, we'll try to look into no-knead doughs to up production a little more, if the small mixer continues to work for us (fingers crossed)." Anna Bekerman et al.

A Callout: Does anyone have leads on a new/used Hobart, or a good source for spare parts? Also any recommendations for hobart repair services might come in handy. Please send ideas to <>

Cheer up, though, there's a sale on, and our selection of splendid summer berries and vegetables is expanding beautifully:

From Urban Harvest: Thursday will be our last day of plant sales at the market. All vegies $1. Everything else half price. Thanks so much for a great plant season. We hope your gardens grow well and provide you with lots of good food and satisfaction. We will still be coming to market with some seeds and soil amendments and of course our Earthly Paradise body-care. All good things, Colette and Pablo

Sosnickis' contribution: "Well, our strawberries are now done for the season. Just in the nick of time, we've had more dormant plants delivered this week that are being planted out for next season! We'll be renovating this year's crop and planting new so we'll be able to offer MORE for next year! We are so happy everyone appreciates these smaller, yummy organic berries!! We'll do our best over the next few years to cultivate a plentiful amount for everyone!

This week our tables will be full of Lettuces, huge bunches of Kale, Beets with fresh tops, Swiss Chard and Peas!! We've been irrigating and weeding and so far stuff is looking excellent! Potatoes are sizing up along with the onions! Soon....We've also been planting, planting, planting! All our storage cabbage is hitting the dirt this week and next!

Ben and I would also like to welcome the newest producers to the market Knuckle Down, Shared Harvest and Woolerdale [coming next week]. It is awesome to team with fellow growers that have that same passion and dedication to organic growing! Will be an absolute pleasure to sell along side you! :))" Jess and Ben

Kevin Hamilton of Shared Harvest Farm sent this great early summer harvest list: "We have carrots, turnips, radish, beets, chard, collards, basil, green onions, salad mix, lettuce heads and sunflowers, wild purslane, spinach and lambsquarters to boot." Fantastic! Welcome (back) Kevin!!

Hello friends, Seth here of Forbes Wild Foods with an exciting new treat for this week's market, the Saskatoon Berry. These little local lovelies are similar to a blueberry but with their own unique tang. Between them and the maple syrup I should have one of the sweetest tables at the market.

Kind Update: We are excited for summer to be here!! We will have baby spinach again this week and we are really happy that the Fire Blend is BACK as we know that all you Spicy Green Lovers will be too. We will have Harvest blend micro-greeens and lots of sprouts as usual. We are featuring Summer Arugula and will be sampling some for your tasting pleasure. We also have the amazing COSMIC blend, Baby Kale, Baby Swiss Chard and Wild Crafted Herbs galore! Sandra Dombi

Feast of Fields news: "We will have lots of wild blueberries plus red raspberries,sweet cherries and possibly Saskatoons. Field grown roses will be part of our popular 3/$12 promotion." Laura and Matthew

Load up on healthy Canadian goodies and have a wonderful Canada Day weekend!

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. From Rachel Weston: Gardening Workshop at the Park this Saturday:

We will be having Sue Berman as a guest speaker, who runs the Perth Davenport Community Garden and is involved with the Toronto Community Garden Network. The workshop will be about companion planting and bio-intensive gardening, it is from 3-5:30pm and there is a suggested donation of $5. We would like people to rsvp to <>

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