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Weekly Market Notes for July 08, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

As someone who never runs out of enthusiasm for the good things our farmers produce, I love assembling the news of what's coming to market. But this week, the arrival of sample promotional materials from Farmers' Markets Ontario made me realize that there might be a better way to recruit customers:

"Guys, did cupid's arrow miss you on Valentine's Day? Are you tired of the bar scene? Is the impersonal keyboarding of on-line dating not your thing? Would you like to meet a gal that enjoys the outdoors, likes to eat fresh, and leads a healthy lifestyle? Try going to your local Farmers' Market to find the love you've been searching for! Over two thirds of shoppers live within 15 minutes of the market--so she's likely a local gal. And half of shoppers visit their local market regularly--so hopefully you'll see her again another day....As for you, ladies...."

Okay, okay, apart from a post-Pride Week mention that this menu could be more varied, I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Better get off this slippery slope and back to our previously scheduled food news:

Laura Sabourin from Feast of Fields writes: "Our hardworking pickers are out early in the morning and back out after dinner to bring in the best quality fruit possible. This week we will have Heidelfingen cherries, the deeper almost black ones, melt in your mouth small tasty non irrigated red raspberries, the first of the season tree ripened apricots, wild and tame blueberries, a very small quantity of sour cherries (come early for those), a few mulberries still being picked, checking on the purple raspberries today so maybe some of those too...they are the absolute best for preserving bursting with flavour and fewer seeds than the red, and for the early arrivals there will be 2 or 3 boxes of the wonderful tiny black raspberries that grow on the edge of our forest.
I hope to have early golden plums soon but we pride ourselves on bringing ripe fruit so if they are still tinged green you'll get to enjoy them next week. To help cool things down we will bring along chilled Filsingers organic apple cider and white grape juice which they made from our Vidal wine grapes, offered by the litre or by the glass.
In addition to all our fresh fruit I made a fresh batch of raspberry jam which you may have to look for tucked away on our table; it is worth the hunt!
I have been blessed with 4 wonderful helpers from France and Germany who are braving this heat to get all this great fruit to market. Please come by and say hi to them in English, German, French or Spanish.
Our well received 3 for $12 will return this week too, so bring along some of those great recycled yogurt containers to get your tender fruit home in prime condition!

Sosnickis' contribution: "The fields are packed and thriving. We've irrigated twice now and the heat is pushing crops along. This means the potential for some great crops like our Romas, Red peppers, Watermelons and Sweet Corn come August. Ready now, Ben and I will be bringing: the most flavourful awesome Heirloom Tomatoes (the covered fields are doing excellent!!), the last of the Lettuce, beautiful huge Beets, lots of sweet Peas-In-A-Pod, and lots of our different kinds of Kale. **New this week: Zucchini and bunches of Sweet Onions!** Coming soon: Green Beans, new Potatoes & Cucumbers! Enjoy eating with the seasons! Jessie & Ben

Greenfields will have abundant fresh summer Cabbages and Zucchini, and possibly the first sweet Carrots, along with a rainbow of other produce.

"The folks at Nujima are excited to continue offering delicious organic raw food treats this summer, both sweet and savory! Our creations are 100% vegan and mostly raw, created from our own products, organic ingredients, local and wild produce. This week we will be serving decadent Frosted Chocolate Brownies made with almonds, raw cacao, yacon syrup and coconut spread. Our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with gluten-free organic rolled oats, as well as other tasty ingredients. A new item we are offering this week is our Chia Seed Blonde Macaroons. As for savory we will be serving Collard Green Wraps with almond pesto, avocado, bell pepper and mixed greens. We will also be making fresh Green Smoothies on site, with wild weeds and greens, bananas and mango. Yum yum!"

Drop by the wading pool on your way to the market and treat your feet to five minutes in water right from the bottom of Lake Ontario, then come enjoy a beauty-filled summer afternoon with us. You'll be glad you did.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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