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Weekly Market Notes for July 15, 2010

Hello Market Friends: Come on over and count how many good things we have to eat now! Lots of choices for the barbeque, soft fruits are especially beautiful, and the produce tables are beginning to sag under the weight. Here's the news:

"It's BeetFest at Greenfields this week. Four different varieties of beets are available: Regular Red, Cylindria, Golden and Chiogga (aka Candystripe). Our Zucchini are loving the heat and we are counting on everyone to include them in their meal plans this week. You'll find a large display of Zucs in all colors, shapes and sizes at our table. This morning we started to harvest bunches of small early Purple Onions, a new crop for us, wonderful in salads and sauteed with Zucchini of course. Other produce from our fields include: fresh Garlic, Chard, Kale, Collards, huge deep green bunches of Parsley, the first bunches of Carrots, Garlic Scapes and summer Cabbages. The pointed Cabbages (Spitzkraut) are available now! Back to the beet." Lorenz

Sosnickis' news: "Heading to Toronto just Thursdays and Saturdays now is allowing us to really take care of the fields and plant a ton of crops for winter storage! Holy weeds! Crops are being weeded and re-weeded!! This week our seasonal offerings include: more 'covered field' Heirloom Tomatoes (BTW- the field crop of Tomatoes is just awesome! So far so good!), big Basil plants, new patch of sweet Peas-In-a-Pod, sweet Spanish Onion bunches, Beet bunches, lots of Kale, lots of Yellow & Patty Pan Zucs, crisp heads of Summer Cabbage, fresh dug and washed New Potatoes and fresh picked Green Beans a plenty!" Jess & Ben

(Just when they've got you hooked on their gluten-free baking) Krista and Chris of deFloured will be away this week and next.

Speaking of flowers (with another spelling), Shane Eby of Under Ground Organics has more gorgeous blooms by the week. Ordinary cutflowers are pretty thoroughly soaked in chemicals as a rule. Delight yourself (or someone dear) with these very reasonably priced organic beauties, which generally stay lovely right up to the next market day.

You may know Helga, who represents Bob Felhazi's Pine River Organic Farm at the market. She reports that Bob has more beautiful raspberries than he can get picked, and is offering 'pick-your-own' at a good rate. If you're looking for a nice excuse to get out of town, call Helga (905-936-5284) or Bob (705-424-0917) and leave a message. They'll call back with directions and an update on availability. The farm is near Alliston (west of Lake Simcoe).

During the cooling rain we got at the end of last week, Alvaro of Plan B wrote--in a very good mood. The 40 km of row feet in carrots they had just planted for the Ontario Association of Food Banks Planned Harvest project for FOODSHARE Hamilton were being watered in while they caught their breath. Here's to a good harvest for one and all.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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