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Weekly Market Notes for June 1, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

Aah, June. It's wonderful to be back in our summer location along the path and the sides of the rinkhouse, with plenty of room for all. Come and enjoy the beauty of the green park, and don't forget to eat your greens, too, by the heaping bowlful--it's salad time!

Both Ted Thorpe and Ben Sosnicki will be back with the first of their delicious lettuces, fresh picked from the fields.

Some special news from Greenfields:

This summer marks the 10th anniversary for the organic market garden at Greenfields Farm. Lorenz has been working the same fields for the past 16 years, initially as Switch Farm. Initially just a couple of acres, we now have close to 20 acres of vegetables and a few strawberries under cultivation. A lot of different people have worked at the farm over the years; some have gone on to start their own farms, others have realized that farm life isn't at all what they had hoped it to be. Many thanks go out to our customers for their encouragement and support.

This week we'll have a large selection of our own produce: the first of the Chard, Black and Green Kale(and some "Rainbow Kale"!)bunches of Red Mustard, Lettuce Mix, Spinach, Green Leaf Lettuce and possibly Collards. Our Asparagus is in full swing and we'll have plenty for everyone this week. Last but not least look out for our Rhubarb, Chives and Sunchokes. We will also have Red Peppers from BC, and delicious Pears.

From Rachel of Berettas: "We will have more items on special, and we will bring more products this week, so that we don't sell out too early!"

Evelyne Gharibian will have:

Organic Pineapple Flowers (edible flowers) for all young at Heart
Wild Fiddlehead & Grilled Organic Zucchini Salad
Organic Apple-Fennel with Thyme Salad
Organic Vegetarian Sushi

No Sprouts this week - Sprouts for Life had a crop failure. We are hoping for the best for next week.

And from Jonathan Forbes:

"I'll be bringing lots of different kinds of dried mushrooms in different sizes plus this year's organic maple syrup. I won't know until this evening if there will be any more wild leeks or pheasant-back mushrooms."

Please note that there will NO FRIDAY NIGHT SUPPER this week. The staffing just wasn't possible, but after this, suppers will be a regular thing all summer long.

See you at the market!

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