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Weekly Market Notes for May 25, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

Barring any big surprises, you'll find the market fully outside from here to eternity--well, not quite, but who wants to think about November, when the pleasures of summer are in sight. A taste of what lies ahead, from fruit grower Laura Sabourin (Feast of Fields):

"I really miss going to the market but we will be back in July when the raspberries start. The grapes, apples and pears came through the winter full of buds so there should be a great crop. Peaches and apples have reached petal fall but the pears are still masses of white blossoms so it looks lovely."

From Jutta:

"This Friday is the first Friday Night Supper of summer. Because it's also a fund-raiser for park staff Elisa Gilmour(going to Africa with Canada World Youth), if showers come we'll set up tables for the supper inside instead of canceling it. (And who minds a warm spring shower anyway?) Elisa has enlisted some of her talented friends to help cook, and the park staff will be helping too. As usual, the menu will be based on what's available at the farmers' market. Elisa will answer any questions about Canada World Youth, that anyone wants to ask her."

Here's this week's news from the market folks:

Newcomer Evelyne Gharibian will feature some special items on her menu this time: a Fiddlehead dish, and Vegetarian Sushi.

We'll also be welcoming Marc and Marie of Purple Sprout, based in Acton. Marc and Marie make a delicious breakfast cereal(musli) as well as freshly milled organic flours, using oats, rye and spelt from a farmer near Peterborough. Great to have grains as part of our selection of local food. Bakers take note!

From Jonathan Forbes:

"I'll have fresh Fiddleheads, fresh wild leeks and some pheasant back mushrooms, plus maple syrup and dried mushrooms."

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

"This week we have fresh (aged) cuts of venison, freshly-made sausages and burger patties. We can always be reached at or"

From Kaidy & the Greenfields Gang :

"Well the rains have FINALLY stopped and we’re as busy as ever growing some lovely fruits and veggies for you all to enjoy! There are more and more local options every week and it’s only going to get better. For LOCAL produce this week we will have Rhubarb, Asparagus, Beets, Chives, Spring Mix, Shiitake Mushrooms, Parsnips, Spinach and our tasty Sunchokes. We are also bringing in some delicious Red Rome Apples from BC, along with Avocado, Banana, Grapefruit, Lemons, Oranges, Pears, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Baby Carrots, Cauliflower, Red Chard, Garlic, Ginger, Mustard Greens, Red Leaf Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Green Onion, Red Onion, Parsley, Sugar Snap Peas, Radishes and the cutest Zucchinis we ever did see. I hope that’s enough of a feast for this week. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the market!"



P.S. There's too much about markets in the news these days to fit here, so we've posted links to a few recent articles on the website for your reading pleasure. One reminder:

Natural City Conference
May 31 - June 2, 2006

A conference to rethink how urban and natural environments must be integrated to promote sustainability.

Victoria College
University of Toronto
91 Charles Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada
For more info, or to REGISTER, visit or call 416-978-8630

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