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Weekly Market Notes for June 24, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Can't comment on Soccer or the Summit, except to say we've got our fingers crossed that everyone who brings us wonderful food will have an easy trip in and out of this crazy town. Definitely a good day to thank a farmer. The news is terrific:

Greenfields' report: "Our fields are overflowing with produce and we can barely keep up with the harvest. There are enough greens to feed the entire G20 delegation to help them maintain healthy brain function. But something tells me that's not what they are eating. New this week are golden Beets, Garlic Scapes, Cabbage, Zucs, purple Scallions and lots and lots of fresh Broccoli. If you are planning to freeze any Broccoli this year, this is the time - we are happy to make a deal on larger orders. Also harvesting large heads of Romaine, Red and Green Leaf, monster Collards, colorful Chard, Kale (curly and dinosaur) and bunches of red Beets with great tops." Lorenz

Sosnickis' news: "Here we go: For this weeks market Ben and I will be bringing the very first of our 'covered field' Heirloom Tomatoes!! It's a glorious jungle with all sorts of exciting shapes and sizes and awesome flavour! Just an early trickle this week and within two, should be able to supply with plentiful amounts. We'll have our 'Jewel' main season sweet, sweet medium sized Strawberries, Beautiful big bunches of Beets, huge heads of Broccoli, PEAS in a pod, a fresh lettuce patch's crisp Romaine, Bostons & Reds and different types of Kale too! Oh and sassy Kolhrabi in red and green coming too! G20 can't slow the field harvest - we'll be there!" Jessie & Ben.

This just in: we're excited to welcome Debbie Wiecha of Niagara Lavender Farm to Dufferin, starting this week with raspberries, sweet cherries and lavender. Laura Sabourin of Feast of Fields will be back next week with lovely fruit, too, so it really is summer now!

Sandy says the Beretta specials are: 'Naturally Raised' Chicken Drumsticks 5 lb bag / $20, New York Striploins - 5 steaks at $ 33.00 / kg, T - Bones at $ 33.00 / kg, Extra Lean Ground Beef, 5 - 1 lb bags for $30.

Tim Clement writes: "As well as our usual fare of red fife and buckwheat crÍpes, plus whole grain vegan, vegetarian and free run chicken burritos, our specialty this week will be....drum roll please....local organic strawberry crÍpes (strawberries from Sosnickis' farm) lightly sweetened with extract of stevia leaf (a natural & nutritious sweetener)...available with dark chocolate from ChocoSoland fresh mint from my garden. Get 'em while they're hot!"

Don't forget: Cooking Fire Theatre Festival is on tonight, a perfect post-market treat. Dinner (with market-focused ingredients)from 6 on with performances beginning at 7. More information here on the website.

A 'sneak preview' so you can plan your holiday:
YES, we will have a market next Thursday on Canada Day, and it will be festive. You don't have to sit in traffic trying to leave town, we are going to bring beautiful Ontario in to you. The tables will be piled high, there will be some great specials, and Andrew Akiwenzie and Alli Harris will be putting on a Georgian Bay Style Fish Fry. We'll have face painting for the kids, a special lemonade stand, a little music and a good time for all. Tell your friends and plan to meet for a delicious market dinner at our 14 acre 'resort'. No security fences anywhere in sight.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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