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Weekly Market Notes for June 17, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Summer is calling, with the solstice just days away. Time to break routines a bit and enjoy the long evenings (and early mornings) with as many outdoor meals as possible. The market folks can cook for you, or you can assemble wonderful picnics from the farmers and vendors. Here's this week's news:

Sosnickis report: "Strawberries will be plentiful and sweet this week! Walking out to the patch to pick some last night I could smell the strawberries in the air. We'll also harvest lots of beautiful kale, garlic scapes & fresh huge lettuces too. Our sweet peas in a pod will come next week! The fields are quickly filling up. All storage potatoes in the ground and we also planted a new crop to share with Dufferin this winter - our own Sweet Potatoes! Not related to a potato at all, we made hills and transplanted the 'slips' similar to how we plant our tomatoes. The greenhouse is still loaded with thousands of baby cabbage seedlings that go in the field next week, heirloom tomatoes in our covered fields are past our heads! It is busy around here weeding and cultivating. BUT the way the rain has been we have not had to irrigate, so that's a plus!!" Jess & Ben.

"Greenfields Farm just got a lot greener. We recently completed a geothermal heating and cooling system for our staff housing and out goes the 40 year old oil furnace! Out in the fields the rains have kept everything nice and green as well. A snorkel would have come in handy during this morning's harvest.
We will be bringing a large variety of produce from our fields this week: lots of fresh bunched Beets with great tops, large heads of sweet Romaine, green and red heads of Lettuce, big bunches of green and black Kale (the best we've had in years), stunning bunches of Rainbow and Golden Chard, giant bunches of young tender Spinach, Collards, the last of the Red Mustard, the first few heads of Broccoli, Lettuce Mix, Sugar Snap Peas, Red Radishes, Zucchini and the very last of the Kohlrabi." Lorenz

Tim Clement writes: "The local asparagus will soon be gone for this year, so get your asparagus crÍpes with freshly made Hollandaise sauce while you can! Also, a reminder that we now offer a gluten/dairy free buckwheat crÍpe as well as our regular red fife wheat crÍpe. Our chocolate crÍpes are now made exclusively with delicious melting dark chocolate from Choco Sol."

"Urban Harvest is having a sale. All annual vegetable plants including tomatoes will be on sale: Buy 1 get 1 free. We still have a good supply of herbs too, annual and perennial. We will also bring some Yellow Alpine Strawberry plants reputed to taste of vanilla!!" Colette and Pablo

You'll find Kind Organics 'down the way' next to Fun Guy Farms (more shiitakes this week!) where their delicious sprouts & greens stay cool in the shade.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Park friend and local anthropologist Karl Schmid will give a short talk on the grassroots Transition movement and what other communities locally and around the world are doing to build post-carbon communities. The movement is strongly oriented toward local food production. He will speak at 7:30 PM, after the June 18 Friday Night Supper, in the cob courtyard near the playground.

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