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Weekly Market Notes for June 10, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

To all those who are supposed to work late this Thursday, we'd like to send your bosses a note explaining why you aren't able to....You see, it's the first week for strawberries at the market, and you just can't miss them. Life is too short. Here's the news:

Sosnickis' contribution: "Strawberries!!! We picked our patch before the rains and will pick again Thursday morning, so markets can expect a bountiful amount of Sosnickis' Strawberries this week! The crop is gorgeous! Along with the berries will be huge heads of Romaine, Red Leaf, Green Leaf, Boston Lettuces, Asian Greens, and other field treats! Still coolers with perogies, get them while you can, almost over till fall frost! We could harvest beets but have decided to let them get BIG! I've created some blogs and would encourage everyone to log onto to read and SEE what we've been up to!!" Jessie & Ben.

And as if strawberries weren't enough, we have a competitor for the excitement:

"We would like to declare Thursday June 10 KOHLRABI DAY. Instead of flags and fireworks we hope that customers will honor this "holiday" by buying at least one Kohlrabi. What do you say? Expect overflowing tables of greens at Greenfields this week: We are picking CHARD in all colors, KALE in green and black, COLLARD leafs as big as elephant ears, large heads of LETTUCE, still a few monster bunches of SPINACH, DANDELION, PARSLEY, CILANTRO, spicy RED MUSTARD, mild and tender Spring LETTUCE MIX, SUGAR SNAP PEAS, the first few bunches of BEETS and of course perfect looking tender KOHLRABI. From elsewhere in Ontario we bring you Cucumbers, Leeks and Potatoes. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's plans for a Kohlrabi themed festive dinner!" Lorenz

But wait, there's more:

"Good news! Forbes Wild Foods will be bringing fresh Sea Asparagus, and....drumroll please.... fresh morels!! No kidding. They are absolutely delicious. You will also be treated to some stand in market reps: Meg and Jonathan!"

Here are the specials for Beretta Farms for Thursday, June 10: 'Naturally Raised' Drumsticks 5 lb bag $20.00 Extra Lean Ground Beef 5 - 1lb pkgs $25.00

"This is Gabriela from Chocosol. This week we are bringing fresh corn tortillas to the market. It is a new project that we incorporate to Chocosol in which we use stone ground corn to make fresh tortillas. Our menu for the market is quesadillas (tortilla filled with cheese and hand made salsa or brie cheese and dark chocolate) and sopes (fried thick tortilla with black beans and salsa). All ingredients are fresh and local!!"

We're pleased to welcome Ming Yu of YingYing Soy Food this week. Ming will be joining us for the summer to introduce you to many varieties of tofu, hand-crafted in the traditional (non-industrial) way using local, organic (and of course non GMO) soybeans grown by Marcus Koenig. You can enjoy these savoury tofus as a ready to eat snack or use them in cooking, and Ming has lots of good recipes. You'll find him 'up top' by the rinkhouse.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Many of you will remember the lamb from Seldom Seen, Seldom Heard Farm that we had at the market last year. Dan Glassco is unable to be with us this year, but he'd like his customers to know that they can contact him at 416-289-9727 or for more info about lamb, raised 75 km from Toronto City Hall, and sold by half or whole delivered. Orders for ground lamb also accepted.

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