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Weekly Market Notes for June 03, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

I've been tending this market for quite some time now, and you might think the thrill would wear off, but no way. I am so looking forward to this week's market; it's going to be a real beauty. Here's the news:

"Perfect farming weather makes for an early bumper crop at Greenfields! We have a large amount of vegetables ready for picking and had to bring in some extra harvest help. One of the people who came to help us out is Tara Scott, who some of you might remember from when she worked at Greenfields in the early Dufferin Market days. All the greens, even kale, are especially tender this time of year, so enjoy them while they last. Right from our fields we'll be bringing: Chard (in all colors), Kale (black and curly), Kohlrabi, Cilantro, Parsley, Spinach (monster bunches!), Japanese White Turnips (this will be it until fall for the now popular round white root), Beets (last week for our large storage beets just in time for us to bring bunches of new beets next week), Collards (absolutely stunning and tasty too), Dandelion, Lettuce Mix (looking great this week) and Red Mustard. Since it looks like the hot weather is going to hang we'll also bring some cold juicy watermelons. Turn down the ac and have a slice!" Lorenz

What's happening at Sosnickis' on a June day?

"Field lettuce harvest going strong! Huge heads of crisp Romaine, soft red & green Boston/butterhead, red & green Leaf too! All huge, cut fresh and barrel washed! Ben, his mom and I are planting like mad! Lots of cucumbers, watermelon, basil, tomatoes & gorgeous peppers in. Broccoli, huge field of beets, sweet onions, kale, kohlrabi, peas (in blossom!), potatoes, beans, zucchini being cultivated by tractor and hoed by hand. Sweet Corn has germinated and I've been eating my first strawberries! Our patch looks plentiful, will be picking in two weeks time! We've got pipes set up, but that million dollar rain we got Monday night means we have not had to irrigate. Sweeping, barn cleaning, setting up the washing/grading line and firing up the cooler for bulk harvest. 6am suckering and maintaining 'covered field' heirloom tomatoes (that are waist high and producing massive sets of tons of varieties) to 9pm out in the fields working away....crops look happy and so are we!!" Jess & Ben

From Plan B: "We're loving this rain, finally! Things are growing well this spring and we'll be bringing lots of fresh spinach, salad mixes, head lettuce and fresh herbs from the farm this week. Possibly a few onions if we get to it. We'll also have a bit of imported fruit alongside the local apples. Strawberries should be ready for next week! I'll make it in to the market as soon as all the hot crops are planted and the full farm weeded:)" Alvaro

Here comes heaven:

Blythe of Growing Spaces writes: "Peony season has begun!! What a majestic flower this is! We're getting them all picked before the rain hits. We should have an assortment of colours for the market, and we'll be selling them by the stem as well as by bundle. We're probably looking at a 3 or possibly 4 week season, so get them while they last. They truly are the most beautiful cut flower!"
Shane of Under Ground Organics should have more of his lovely lupines, too. Combined with the peonies, these will make almost dangerously sensuous bouquets. Think of the possibilities....

I'm sure you'll extend a warm Dufferin welcome to our newest vendor, Krista Tobias. Ever since we tasted her samples, it has been hard to wait for her arrival! Here's some information:

"de Floured is a completely gluten free bakery. Our number one goal is to bake with gluten free ingredients that taste so good they can be appreciated by all. We use as many organically or locally grown ingredients as possible, therefore changing our selection based on availability each season. Regular treats include; Galettes, sweet and savory (by the slice or to take home whole), a variety of quiches, cookies and more. We use flours and other baking condiments from a gluten free facility located in Cambridge (recognized by the celiac association), organic sugars, Best Baa feta, organic milk, Beretta Farms meats, produce from market farmers, and Stirling creamery butter."

"Forbes Wild Foods will be bringing fresh Sea Asparagus to the market, and we just got our maple syrup in so we will have plenty of that, too." Meg

Deer Valley will have venison koftas on the grill.

Beretta Specials for June 3 are: Grass-Fed Beef Rib Eyes, Beretta Big Boy Hot Dogs, T-Bone Steaks, and 5 lb bags of Chicken Drumsticks (not certified but antibiotic, hormone, and GMO free from a farm in transition) for $20.

To go with whatever else you're barbequeing, try grilling some scallions (green onions) tied in a bundle with a strip of 'themselves' and brushed with a little oil, until tender and lightly browned. (Asparagus is great this way, too.) Make a big market salad, put your bouquet(s) on the table, and you'll be way ahead of those fancy people in the magazines. Oh, and don't forget Krista's strawberry-rhubarb galette for dessert.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Last Thursday, as I wobbled home from market with a watermelon and many other good things on my bike, I noticed a group doing yoga in the park. Turns out it was a "yoga happening" and we got a note telling us a bit more about it this week. If you're intrigued by the idea of yoga everywhere, check out these links: and

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