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Weekly Market Notes for June 07, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

The news is short and SWEET this week!

From the Sosnickis: Our organic Strawberries are here! After all the work planting and caring for these guys last summer when so hot and dry, it's really 'sweet' to finally see them flourish and throw gorgeous fruit! This week is an early variety, so smaller berries that have excellent flavour. Stick your face in a quart of these berries and inhale! They smell amazing! Next week our main season variety will begin. A new variety called St. Laurent. A large, sweet berry! The berry patch has been buzzing with bees, alive with all sorts of critters, like baby bunny burrows! We hope to keep this patch going well for next year too. Also coming are piles of Garlic Scapes as we begin the task of plucking these 'seed pods' off so the bulbs can mature. Beets with tops and Swiss Chard from the 'covered fields' will be showing off along with bins of fresh cut Romaine, Red Leaf, Green Leaf and Boston/Butterhead Lettuces. Very proud of our tables this week!! :)) Jessie & Ben

Jenny Cook of Knuckle Down writes: "I had so much fun at market last week I will be back again with some head lettuce, spicy salad mix and hopefully a few more herbs and radishes, and a brand new canopy!"

Mesey Kibret (of Mesey's Ethiopian Vegetarian) ran out of some dishes early last week as fans rushed in, but she promises to cook more this time. You're encouraged to bring along your own containers to cut down on waste. Hey, fill your favourite baking dish from home with Mesey's good cooking and tell them you were working over that hot stove all day, we won't give you away!

Behind the scenes: Last week, I saw Krista from DeFloured complete a deal with Blythe from Growing Spaces to buy 70 pounds of rhubarb. Personally, I would be delighted if Krista used all of it to top off her exquisite little cheesecakes with ginger crusts, but she has more ideas, for savoury as well as sweet combinations. I'm planning to prowl around DeFloured's table on a regular basis....

Weather permitting, Tom Kovacs will be coming to sing and play for for us. Bring the kids!

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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