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Weekly Market Notes for June 14, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

I'm going to keep you in suspense a little longer until the final details are in place, but as well as more crops coming in within weeks, we'll have more farms joining us soon, to make sure you're not disappointed by tables stripped bare if you arrive late in the day. Our current growers have been really positive about these plans; we all want a thriving, varied and abundant market! Here's the news from the vendors:

Sosnickis' contribution: "This week we'll have oodles of the main season Strawberry! An abundance of Romaine, Bostons, Green & Red Leaf Lettuces, and PEAS! Sugar Snap first, next week those sugary peas-in-a-pod begin! Also, more Garlic Scapes and Green Garlic and some field Swiss Chard and 'covered field' bunches of Beets with gorgeous greens!" Jessie & Ben

"Urban Harvest will be at the market with lots of plants still. We are having a sale on all of our plants. Buy one get one of the same price for free. Our seed potatoes are also on sale 50% off. Come and get 'em. Still time to get in a good garden as we are just planting out ourselves." Colette and Pablo

News from Jenny Cook: "This week has been a busy one at Knuckle Down trying to get all of those hot crops planted! The first pickup for my CSA members is this week, so I will only be at the market briefly, but Sarah Cormier will take a break from organizing the Cooking Fire Theatre Festival to sell some lovely lettuce for me. My garlic has begun to scape too, so drop by and give Sarah something to do."

Primeridge Pure is in the news! Check out this glowing review of Steacy's cheese in the Globe and Mail and you'll want to run right over for some!

Blythe's sister-in-law has been raiding the farm's flower beds to send us the loveliest blooms each week, in wonderful colour combinations (see this week's photo of some recent bouquets). Lucky us.

Time to practice up on going plastic bag free, before it's TO law. We've got a few lightly used re-useable bags around to share if you need one, or if you've got too many already, you can donate your extras (at the bread table) for forgetters. Thanks to all who bring back clean bottles, baskets and other containers to refill as well, we appreciate this market habit.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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