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Weekly Market Notes for March 27, 2008

Hello Market Friends:
My spring count is up to: one (fat) robin, one blooming clump of (cheeky) snowdrops, and one of (wonderfully yellow) crocuses. Pretty good week! While we wait for other things to catch up, the market will be a little smaller than usual:

Andrew Akiwenzie is waiting for the ice to break so he can fish again, and will return as soon as he has a fresh catch.
The Sosnickis will take a break this week and come every other week for the next stretch, saving up some energy which they'll need in abundance very soon.
Nicole and Peter of Best Baa will be enjoying a holiday this week, a very good idea since spring will bring a new member to their family.

In their absence, Serena from Beretta's has some lamb to bring. She will also have whole chickens on sale, and many other specials, along with some fresh items.

In other good news, the frozen berries that Forbes Wild Foods brought to market a couple of weeks ago were so popular that we'll roll in the freezer for them again this time. Local elderberries, chokecherries, high bush cranberries and lingonberries will be available, along with wild raspberries, blueberries, saskatoons and other wild delights you may never have dreamed of eating!.

For those of you who have been looking forward to venison summer sausage, Irene of Deer Valley Farm will have whole chubbs only available this week (they are still too soft to cut before this weekend). Frozen cuts of venison are also available. Their new email address is:

Welcome back to Monika at the Greenfields table. She's been busy this winter doing good work for the Ecological Farmers Association, and will take Mark's place as he gears up for spring planting.

Don't forget to join in observing Earth Hour Saturday night from 8-9 p.m. Stargazing in the park, anyone?
See you at the market!

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