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Weekly Market Notes for May 15, 2014

Hello Market Friends:

Every hour it's greener outside, and that means more good things to eat are growing close to home. Two out-of-this-world flavours of our Ontario spring should be on every menu this week: wild leeks, and asparagus. My Dad likes to tell how his boyhood friend Jack was so happy to find brilliant green patches of leeks in the woods at this time of year that he would eat the leaves until he smelled too strong to sit beside at the dinner table. Asparagus leaves a scent trail, too....Seems to me these are very good ways to wake up the senses after winter.

Please extend a warm Dufferin welcome to three new vendors this time!

Andrew McIlmoyle from Waymac Farms will be joining us with fresh shiitake mushrooms and three colours of Oyster mushrooms: yellow, brown, and blue!

Unless you have traveled to Brazil, it's unlikely you've tried our newest market food to eat on the spot: tapioca pancakes! These gluten-free treats, made from rehydrated cassava flour and served with a wide variety of fillings, are a popular street food in Anna and Rafael's native country. Tapioca Gourmet will be using as many market ingredients in the fillings as possible. This week's menu includes a meat option with Field Sparrow Farms sausage, a vegetarian option with mushrooms, cheese and greens, a sweet option with ChocoSol coffee & chocolate and dulce de leche, and a vegan option with sundried tomatoes and sunflower seeds, all served with market greens on the side.

Another exciting market first will be local wine. The first of our rotating roster of VQA wineries will join us this time.

Fully certified as both organic and biodynamic, Tawse Winery is located on the lower slopes of the Niagara Escarpment, and has been honoured as Canada's winery of the year three times. They'll visit us the third week of each month throughout the outdoor season. Kokwa, a member of their production team, will be representing the winery this week.

The Akiwenzies will not be down this week as the fishing has been really tricky.

Get ready for the long weekend with our excellent selection of plants. Whether you grow in shade or sun, pots or in the ground, and like native species, heirloom vegetables, herbs or flowers, we've got wonderful choices from Urban Harvest, Country Meadows, and Wildlife Gardening.

Kande Mbeu (Throw the Seed) will visit to offer market-goers a combination of music, spoken word poetry and storytelling.

Please don't let a little warm spring rain deter you. We will set up indoors as well as out under tents.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Coming up May 24, March Against Monsanto:

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