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Weekly Market Notes for May 17, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

Rain, lovely rain, just the ticket for making the world turn green. It's good news for farmers, even if it's not perfectly convenient for market arrangements. We'll be happy, though, welcoming back more of our summer vendors, and celebrating the early local crops. Here's the news:

From Lorenz of Greenfields:

We have had great luck with the weather of late. First it was dry enough to work the fields and plant and then the rain started just before we would have had to haul irrigation pipes. Now we only need someone to turn up the heat a little bit.

A variety of field crops from Greenfields Farm are just around the corner; for this week we are harvesting Chives, Sunchokes, Rhubarb, possibly some Endive and a limited amount of Asparagus. By next week the asparagus should be plentiful and we might possibly have the first white turnips and kale of the year. Other local produce includes wonderful bunches of Red Mustard, lots of Green Onions, stunning Baby Bok Choys, Cilantro, Watercress, Yellow Onions, Parsnips, Rutabagas, Spinach and bunches of Leeks.

Also look out for Cucumbers, Cauliflower, bunches of Beets with tender greens, crisp Kale and lots of surprises in the fruit display along with all our regular offerings.

From Alvaro of Plan B:

I should have lots of my own salad mix and arugula this week. I'll bring lots of green garlic as well. No local apples this time though they'll be back for next week.

Deer Valley Farm will have fresh venison this week as well as burgers and Elk summer sausage chubbs.

Welcome back to Evelyne Gharibian of Hearty Catering, and check out this menu!

Some highlights of the items I will be bringing to the market for the next couple of weeks:

wild rice and fiddlehead salad, sprouted quinoa salad, Moroccan chickpea braise, black eye pea braise with keylime & sundried tomato, sweet pineapple flowers (for the young at heart), 'cabbage' rolls and stuffed grape leaves, grilled vegetable wraps, raw vegan sushi, 2 varieties of vegetarian sushi, and grilled vegetable lasagne.

I will also be bringing some Raw Granola to the market this week, along with hummus, sundried tomato tapenade, and sunflower pate. I am looking forward to rejoining the market.

Welcome back to Seldom Seen, Seldom Heard Farms with lamb-burgers this week, too.

From Jonathan Forbes:

I will have more wild leeks and fresh fiddleheads plus a range of dried mushrooms, wild fruits and veggies. Plus, I have organic maple syrup - No.1 medium 250ml, No.2 amber in 1 litre and No.3 dark in 4 litre sizes.

Remember our friendly story-tellers, April and Daniel, from last summer? We're pleased to announce that, weather permitting, April will be back with her friend Jenny, maybe some puppets, and some good books to entertain young market goers. Look for them around four o'clock.

Also weather permitting, the first Friday night supper of the season will be this week.

Please come and join us by bike, foot or buggy; if you really do need a car, don't forget to use legal parking spots only, just a short walk away across from the high school or around the park.

See you at the spring-green market!

Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. year-round

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