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Weekly Market Notes for May 24, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

At last, it's official, we're moving to our full outdoor setup so we can all stretch out a little. The growers are working as hard as they possibly can to bring on the local harvest, and it's building, as you'll see below. Don't forget that you can also support local farmers by having a lamb-burger from Seldom Seen/Seldom Heard Farms, taking home some delicious cheese, yogurt, and very soon ICE CREAM from Best Baa, doing your baking with flour from Merrylynd, and planning your weekend barbeque around meats from Stonehenge, Berettas, and Deer Valley. Lots of correspondence from our vendors this week:

From Greenfields:

"We are very excited about our first diverse harvest week of the season! Fresh chives, pie-perfect rhubarb and sunchokes are joined by our fresh and spicy red mustard and dandelion greens this week! We are also pleased to be offering a lovely array of local produce from nearby growers including tender and delicious heads of romaine lettuce, bunched spinach, baby bok choy, green onions, rutabagas and yellow onions. As a special treat for this balmy weather, we will also be bringing sweet, plump and juicy watermelons, and a selection of other tasty fruits including pink lady apples to round out the selection. See you outside along the path!" Monika

From Angelos of Country Meadows:

"I will have a limited amount of the heirloom tomato plants and herbs. This is probably the last week for plants. I will also have some red, green & romaine lettuce from the farm."

From Plan B:

"I will have lots of delicious apples from what is the second last batch of the year and a good amount of our own leaf lettuce and our own mix. Also in town is lots of basil, cilantro and watercress. Some fruits and delicious avocados to boot....Oh, and I’ll have lots of the first batch of local greenhouse english cukes! Hope you’re all well!" Alvaro

From the Sosnickis:

"Ben will be bringing Welsh's asparagus again and the old faithful perogies! Currently planting and hoeing early crops like mad. Hard work will start paying off, as within a few short weeks, beginning of June our field lettuce and spinach will be ready, followed by peas-in-a-pod mid June, followed by broccoli late June and this year - First potato harvest set for July 1st!! "

Also, please spread the word if you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity:

For July, August, Sept. & October, we will require hard working, motivated individuals truly interested in organic vegetable production to help weed, harvest (pick, wash & grade) and potentially sell at market. Our bunkhouse on farm will provide private accommodations & facilities, access to lots of veggies to cook up (eating with the farm family is encouraged, as I always cook too much!), a weekly wage (to be determined) and all workers covered by WSIB. Dedication and work ability will determine length of stay. 1 week minimum is expected and appreciated. We will need 2-4 folks to work with the farm family weekly depending on the crop harvest/weed pressure (LOLOLOL!!). Back breaking hard work, long hours to be expected, however evenings are nice with campfires, fishing and riding the horse to round out the experience!

Contact:, or 519-443-5903.

Deer Valley Farm will have fresh venison available this week as well as frozen breakfast sausages and burger patties. The burgers are 100% pure venison (so you know they’re extra lean) and 50% larger than last year! They will also be available hot off the grill on a fresh-baked bun. Elk summer sausage chubbs are now ready also.

From Jonathan Forbes:

"This week I'll have more wild leeks (bigger bulbs!) This may be the last week. I'll also have some fresh pheasant-back mushrooms and some wild garlic greens, plus maple syrup, dried mushrooms, wild fruits and veggies."

Welcome to Pegan Oolsthorn from near Ayr, Ontario, who will be bringing us cutflowers and a few garden treasures, and welcome back to Tumivut Earthkeepers, who will be returning with seedlings and also cranberry products from the First Nations growers at Bala.

See you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. year-round

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