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Weekly Market Notes for May 31, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

While the food-focus is on local, this week the "editorial" is more exotic: Jutta Mason's guest piece, just in over the ether:

"I'm back in Europe for a visit, after 11 years of not seeing the place (where I was born). What an adventure. I've been looking at food stores and markets, of course. In Paris what I saw in the way of produce was not as nice as at our farmers' market. But today in Munich there was a large market in the square that was really packed with every kind of food, beautifully displayed. (I had no idea truffles are so ugly.)

What I'm not seeing is good bread, or at least not the kind of park sourdough that I'm used to. What I AM seeing is how much the markets are social centres, on a bigger scale than the Dufferin market, but the same idea. Tables and chairs are set up under the trees in great numbers. They seem to be always full of people eating market food and drinking a glass of wine or beer, and talking with great enthusiasm. I checked out how their market square trees are doing, with all that people-and-market-truck traffic. The trees look great, tall, in full leaf. They have no fences around them, but there are cobblestones everywhere, which must help against the compaction.

A new goal for Dufferin Grove -- put cobblestones in the high traffic areas, to help the trees (around the ovens too) and the farmers. Maybe market friends could keep their ears open for street renovations that yield leftover cobblestones. We could be more like Paris. Then all that would be left to work on would be the glass of cold wine or beer, organic of course...."


And now the farmers' news:

From Monika of Greenfields:

"The fine summer-like weather has done wonders for the crops! Our red mustard, green and black kales, baby white Japanese turnips, and collards will all make a stunning debut this week at the market. Holding strong are also our rhubarb, chives, dandelion, and asparagus. The rapidly growing selection of local produce will also include: leeks, romaine letttuce, green onions, spinach, parsnips with tops, rutabagas and yellow onions this week. Other summer-time favourites include beautiful ripe red bell peppers, sweet strawberries, juicy canteloupe, and delicous pears and apples. The field crew is working late tonight getting tomatoes in the ground before the anticipated rain! See you under the trees!"

From Plan B:

"Itís been rise and shine around here all spring! Things are looking good so far! I should have lots of salad mix and some fine basil, cilantro, and watercress from Slegers. Lots of apples too. Iíll also have some yummy imports." Alvaro

From the Sosnickis:

"We are irrigating tonight and by next week we will begin to harvest our lettuce for sure. Some heads are almost there, but with a drink tonight, they will be plentiful for everyone for next week. Fields are looking good! Today we got in our melons, peppers, basil & parsley. All the roma tomatoes, field round and 30 different kinds of heirloom tomatoes are planted now, along with the cucs, zucs, all onions and LOTS of potatoes. The peas in a pod are just sizing up awesome! Broccoli has also taken hold and is on its way. We'll be direct seeding green beans shortly and lots of other things. Tomorrow, Ben will have more of Welsh's asparagus, potatoes and perogies for sure, while I work on farm with the students from France lugging irrigation pipes for another round of watering Thurs. evening. I also appreciate all the interest in our farm job posting and will be getting in touch with folks soon regarding their resumes and possible starting dates. Cheers!" Jessie.

Editor's p.s. If you feel like lending your support to the new Withrow Park market this Saturday, you can see Jessie in action doing a perogie making demo. (Market hours are 9am-1pm; tell your east-end friends.)

Deer Valley Farm will have venison burgers available hot off the grill on a fresh-baked bun. Venison summer sausage chubbs are ready and we also have some fresh venison available this week.

A warm welcome back to Ted Thorpe with his first spring goodies.

See you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. year-round

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