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Weekly Market Notes for May 17, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

Time to get ready for a lovely long weekend with a good load of provisions, and our choices keep expanding!

This is the traditional "full steam ahead" time to plant your ranch/ garden patch/ windowbox/ old teacup (as the case may be), and Urban Harvest will have lots of plants and seeds to choose from.

News from Country Meadows: "Well, here's another wild "tail" from the farm. A turkey was out hanging around the compost pile and refused to go into the turkey yard. Every time Angelos got close to her she ran away; then she flew over the greenhouses to the neighbours'. Finally Angelos got ticked off with the turkey and told me to catch her and put her in the turkey house because he was not wasting his time turkey chasing. Off I go to catch the turkey. I thought gee, she's sure acting weird. As I got close to her, she sped up, fanned her beautiful tail and just glided away over the 50 foot tall trees. This was a gorgeous wild female that was trying to get a date with our handsome Mr. Bigglesworth, and Angelos broke up that budding romance!! P.S. Wild turkeys can run about 25 MPH, so if I could run fast enough to catch that turkey I'd be able to boot around the farm at that great speed, and would not be perpetually behind with my chores.

I will be putting in a rare appearance at the market and will have a wonderful selection of plants, including lots of heirloom tomatoes, so if anyone has questions about my tomato plants, this will be the chance to get answers." Linda Kapelaris

Sosnickis' news: "We've tackled some of the weeds in the strawberries and while out in the patch noticed tons of bees! Constant buzzing and working going on out there! During the brief shower we got this morning Ben and I worked in the greenhouse harvesting the first trickle of our Swiss Chard for market! A couple bins of Golden Chard will make an appearance with an abundance of Ostergruss Radish and oodles of Field Spinach! Ben neatly plowed the back fields but left the big strip of spinach for a few more harvests! I can now see rows of green where the potatoes are pushing up, onions rooting down and greening up, lettuce sizing etc, etc! A very busy time on farm!" Jess & Ben

[Editor's note: More major studies proving the disastrous effects of systemic pesticides on bee populations have recently been released. Have a look at The Guardian (UK) online for links to a number of articles on the subject. When you're eating Ben and Jessie's organic, bee-friendly strawberries in a few weeks, your head, your heart and your tastebuds can all cheer at the same time.]

Fun Guy Farm will be back at the market with fresh Shiitake mushrooms and possibly some Oysters, as well as Tamari and fresh Kombucha cultures, and maybe mushroom stock as well.

Welcome to Mesey Kibret of Mesey's Ethiopian Vegetarian Catering, bringing us great new options for dinner. Mesey uses both traditional and innovative Ethiopian recipes to make sensational vegan cuisine using local and organic ingredients. We've been looking forward to her arrival!

Primeridge Pure had to delay starting at the market due to a sick wee one last week, but Steacy will be introducing her cheeses this time.

Helga called to say she's coming in from Pine River Organic Farm with asparagus, spinach, lettuce, and radishes.

"We will have lots of fresh Nettles again this week. Ask us about our deals!! We have Nettle tea to sample too, as well as recipes." Sandra Dombi

Fresh and smoked Georgian Bay fish from the Akiwenzies will be available in the coolers on Alli Harris's (Fish Shak) table.

Don't forget to bring your tools and knives to Denzil of Exact Edge for sharpening.

Friday night suppers at the park are off to a fine start, and the cooks will be visiting vendors' tables to get inspired.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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