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Weekly Market Notes for May 24, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

Everybody was pretty excited about our expanding selection last week; the outdoor season is hitting its stride! The tables are getting heavier with produce, and we'll have lots of special visitors over the coming weeks with entertainment and information. Here's our news:

Sosnickis' contribution: "Ben and Toshimi will have an abundance of Swiss Chard, Ostergruss Radish, and the first trickle of BEETS with fresh tops all coming out of our old cold frame 'covered fields'! Some awesome Green Garlic is coming, still storage Cabbages, frozen Kraut and Sweet Corn too! (Ben's got the first planting of sweet corn in so the count down's on for fresh August corn on the cob!) We have been very busy weeding, planting (all the field romas/heirloom tomatoes are in) and irrigating. She's dry out there and the Strawberries and Lettuce really needed a drink!! I'll check the Spinach patch but with this heat we've had I think the majority has bolted now. Was a good run while it lasted though eh?" Jessie

Country Meadows news: "I will be coming to the market again, and I'll have a great selection of plants, the "hot weather" plants: peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, etc., and of course heirloom tomato plants, some of the very large size the customers have been requesting. We'll also have a few turkey eggs, and of course, our regular market items." Linda

Tim Clement sends regrets for his late start this year but has had important family matters to look after. He promises all his hungry fans that he will be back spinning crepes next week!

Last week, the Akiwenzies' freezer decided to quit when it was full of fish. How frustrating! They've got another now, and expect to send a good load of fresh and smoked down, barring any other unforeseen challenges. Remember to look for it at Ali Harris's table alongside the rotis, sandwiches, fritters and drinks.

ICE CREAM, hurray! Best Baa is scooping at the market again! Special kids' cones on offer as well as bigger sizes.

To make your market visit that much more enjoyable, Kim Michele and Jennifer Wakefield will be treating us to harp and flute music. As well as performers, they're music educators, and will have information on a new summer program they're offering for kids.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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