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Weekly Market Notes for May 20, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

After two weeks of weather tough enough to test the dedication of our vendors and customers (you passed! thank you!) we will have a Royal Thursday this week. Victoria isn't actually able to attend, but there will be food fit for a queen's birthday party, or whatever else you have planned for the long weekend.

Greenfields report: "Every year the first large harvest day just kind of creeps up on us. This morning was such a day, we went to the field to pick a few things to find a whole lot of crops suddenly ready for picking. The following is being harvested at Greenfields right now: Spinach (perfect tender leaves for salad), Spring Lettuce Mix, bunches of Red Mustard (to spice up your salad or stir fry), Dandelion Greens (for your liver!), Parsley (both Italian and Curly), Rhubarb, Asparagus and the first few bunches of White Japanese Turnips. Also from Ontario we'll be bringing Yams, Apples, Celeriac, Watercress and Shiitake Mushrooms. Fruits will include lots of Strawberries, Peaches and the usual other offering. Looking forward to a bright sunny day at Dufferin!" Lorenz

Welcome back to Shane Eby of Under Ground Organics, who'll be bringing a few blooms, some green garlic, asparagus and other spring treats.

Sosnickis news: "Lots of heads of big Green Leaf Lettuce, both kinds of Radishes in abundance (last week for long Ostergruss), Green Garlic, fresh field Bok Choy & Tatsoi, Potatoes, Perogies, Sauerkraut, Plants & Compost!! We are gearing up for potato and sweet corn field plantings shortly! We're waiting for a bit of a warm up!" Jess & Ben.

Ted Thorpe just called to say he'll be back with arugula, spinach and lettuce fresh from the field.

Our selection of plants is superb, and it's time to get them into the garden.

Tim Clement will be spinning delicious crepes (asparagus and hollandaise, oh yum), both Red Fife and gluten-free Buckwheat, and Alli Harris will have tasty fish fritters and roti to enjoy. Lots of hearty park fare too--enjoy your evening!

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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