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Weekly Market Notes for May 22, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Indoors and out again this week, as we (patiently?) wait for warmer days. Lots of seasonal markets are starting up; if you have friends in other neighbourhoods wondering where to find a market, or if you like to shop several times a week, have a look at the Toronto Farmers' Market Network's new website: for a map and list. (Keep coming to Dufferin though, we love our regulars!)

Here's the news from the producers:

From Angelos of Country Meadows Gardens: "The weather outlook for the weekend is looking great so Linda will be at the market again with a great selection of heirloom tomato plants of varying sizes. She will have some of the varieties we haven't had at the market yet this year. Also she will have pepper plants in addition to some herbs.

From Monika of Greenfields: "Lots of local this week! Those delicious greens in the Spring Mix are just getting better and better! The local Baby Spinach is great too. Local English cucs, Green Peppers, Beets, and succulent Bok Choy. Try it sautéed with sesame oil and walnuts! Our Asparagus will be in- an excellent centerpiece to your dinner, or for an omelet lunch. We'll also have lots more Rhubarb and Chives. The Celery stalks, Green and Black Kales and bright Red chard are all looking good! See you there!"

From Jessie Sosnicki: "Busy, busy! I'll be back as soon as we begin with our lettuce and such. I'm too busy preparing the heirloom tomatoes that are going in this weekend! Sweet corn is being planted, potatoes, early tomatoes, zucs, broccoli, onions, peas, beets etc. are out in the field and growing away. Ben's Mom is hoeing almost every day. What a woman! Because of her hard work our garlic patch is beautiful. I'll be blogging about her soon. Ben's coming with potatoes and more of Welsh's asparagus tomorrow. Warm weather ahead folks!"

"Greetings to all from Seth at Forbes Wild Foods. Just a quick heads up that we will be bringing Wild Leeks to this week's market. They won't be around for much longer so get them while they are fresh. There will also be some fresh Pheasant-back mushrooms; if you would like some better come early! Of course I will have all the usual goodies as well so come out, drop by and say hi."

From Serena of Berettas: I will have Beretta's 7th Annual Barn Dance Tickets for Sale! $45/person or $80/couple. The night includes an organic feast, live music, entertainment and square dancing. Come out for a night to remember!

Deer Valley Farm will have a variety of cuts of fresh venison this week including…Denver steaks, striploin, top sirloin, sirloin tip, eye of round, fresh ground venison and for those of you who have been looking forward to BBQ fresh venison sausages…I am picking them up on my way to the market as they are being made on market day…Now that’s fresh! Irene

Underground Organics will be with us this week: "We have some tulips, lilacs, daffodils and maybe a few irises and alliums."

Welcome to the world Chloe Nicole Bzikot (seventh member of the Bzikot clan in Canada), born to proud parents Peter and Nicole of Best Baa. Ask Kathy, who will be helping at their table, to show you how beautiful she is.

See you at the market!


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